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Married At First Sight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Anyone else watching? I’m far too invested in these couples tbh.

    Oh, and Dick is absolutely bloody lovely.
  2. No but your topic title brought this classic straight to mind.

  3. He is. I found I got quite emotional at their wedding, and while I missed last week's I can't imagine I'd have felt the same about the other two cos that guy is really annoying. I hope it works out for them.
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  4. I got emotional at both weddings. Stephanie looked so happy at her wedding, it got me choked up! They’re both annoying me a bit this week though.

    Dick and Harriet seen well matched. Dick’s just so gorgeous and kind and funny!
  5. If Harriet bins RichardDick off I would absolutely marry him in a heartbeat. What a chilled out, handsome piece of a man.
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  6. Hi, hello, yes,
    I'm starting Season 6 of the Australian one today. I feel I am already addicted with the first episode.
  7. Every post in the Dating & Relationships thread:
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  8. Seven episodes on, completely addicted.
    Ines is iconic and awful, Sam flying off to comfort his ex the day after he wed, Matthew losing his virginity...

    Let me stan Martha, Ning and Jules.
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  9. The first dinner

    With Sam returning and gaslighting

    Tv Gold
  10. I've just finished this and the drama is just phenomenal.
    Probably the best 'reality' TV I've watched since the Big Brother glory days.

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  11. They're just on the Girls Night and Guys Night on the Gold Coast where I'm up to...

    Sam and Innes, has me howling.
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  12. Oh my gosh, you have so much to look forward to.

    Ines is a small-fry in comparison...
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  13. Rob


    I've never watched the show before but I am hooked on the current Australian version after hearing all the hype.

    Ines being a nasty, evil villian with a black soul is not the sort of TV I expected but it's exactly the sort of TV I am living for.
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  14. I cannot wait for you all to see the iconic Martha vs Cyrel moment. I’m ready for it to go viral.
  15. I was shocked to see Martha and Jess siding with Ines of all people at the start of this latest dinner.
    Like, why side with the devil?

    The preview for the next (third) comittment looks explosive... I was surprised how quickly Matthew and Loz deteriated the second she said she "used to be a lesbian", and of course him telling the table he's not attracted to her, before telling her.
  16. Rob


    What I wished they had asked Matt was "do you find anyone attractive?" If may just be that he's asexual but the show never addressed it and it really felt like an issue worth exploring.
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  17. A rabbit in headlights for sure.
    I await if we have any more from him at, is it a grand reunion, at the end of the series.

    And yes, if I was Ines, and Sam offered me himself on a plate, I also would sit on his face all night, but then, I wouldn't have been so cunty to Bronson in the first place.

  18. This offered a bit more insight into the Loz/Matt situation.

    They literally might as well have not been at the reunion though. They get maybe 10 seconds of camera time, which should be an indicator of how much more drama there is to cover.
  19. Not even a week(s worth of episodes) has passed since Ines destroyed all those in her way... suddenly Jess and Martha are coming out of the woodwork as scheming horrors.
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  20. Yeah this has been incredible reality television. UK is nearly caught up the end so no spoilers! But whew what a ride.
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