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Married At First Sight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Dino the sneaky conversation recorder

    I get a whiplash with every twist
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  2. "My room-mate had Splenda, I couldn't find it!"
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  3. Cyrel is iconic.
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  4. Honestly this has been me for the last week of Binge watching this!

    SO many incredible cast members! Jules and Cam genuinely make me so happy! Cam is so cute.

    The guys are all so Hot as well, whew . Nick come through as the slept on hunk.

    Jess and Ines were truly VILE and played the game and reality show villains extremely well. I think sadly Martha is a just a glam gossip girl that’s been caught up with them two and thinks she’s chosen the popular faction! (See Gottmik from RuPaul)
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  5. I love Jules and Cam! Such a lovely couple.
    The show is an absolute dramatic mess and I can't stop watching it!
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  6. Just saw penultimate episode - the drama. And then to be teased with THAT finale?! This is... an epic yarn in which the villain get their due and I am SO READY.
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  7. They've just been to the males homesteads...
    Dan's family of queens sat around not eating the food, demolishing Tamara... poor Mick getting eaten alive by Jess for saying the truth about her family...
    The next dinner party looks explosive as fuck, they always do.

    Cyrell is an icon, I've read some spoilers, I'm gonna hate it without her

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  8. Dan telling Jess he's not attracted to Tamara when he's been fucking her....

    Vile people
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  9. I didn't even know there was a thread for this!

    So I watched S1 a few years ago, drifted away, then watched S4 (the Cheryl/Andrew season), S5 (Dean/Tracey/Davina), and now S6 all within the past year. While they were all largely great, I can honestly say that S6 is perhaps one of the finest runs of reality television I've ever seen - for a show with a long running length (admittedly probably too long for S4/5), it never flagged. Consistently spectacular, with... zero filler participants? I feel like every couple had a proper place in it.

    I have too many thoughts, I don't know where to begin. My life has not known peace since red wine gate.
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  10. I’ve only seen S6 as it blew up in the UK, but yeah HOW it was so long and yet so consistently dramatic and compelling I don’t understand. Every couple had a good storyline.

    The finale was fantastic. I cackled at them not asking most of the couples anything, just focusing on the “main characters”. The way Ines had a surprise change of heart after the dinner party the night before. The way she supported Liz against Mike (wtf?!). Women supporting women!

    Jess and Dan being skewered like the villains of the final act. Whew. The experts were living for it too.
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  11. Cam and Jules joint crying the day after Cyrell left, because they couldn't handle the drama of the dinner party...
    And another thing, how much do the experts see, as they saw Jess proposition Nick, but don't see the other secret meetings that happen. A bit dodgy.
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  12. My theory is that the experts reactions are shot the day after the dinner party, before the couches. Producers probably just show them a couple of the rushes that will make for good reactions. It's clear that the weird multi-cam live stream that they watch is put on the screen in post.
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  13. I’ve just watched this as recommended by my mum, I was SCREAMING at the fake build up of a resolution into Cyrell’s multi-drag of Martha. She quite rightly didn’t accept her apology, Martha and Jess were just heinous, even Jules losing her cool with them.

    I gagged at the clip of Cyrell throwing wine on Jess in the new reunion as well. The reaction from everyone made me roll my eyes, the whole ‘redemption’ for Jess just smacked of her going in to do damage control for the backlash she’s received.

    The below is gloriously required viewing too.

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  14. I wish Cyrell had still been in when Dan and Jess came clean... I also feel, so far, nobody outright called Jess out for lying about Mark to Ning.
    Her and Martha can rot (we still have two weeks of episodes to go).
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  15. Jess and Martha certainly get their comeuppance.
  16. Finally on the S6 Reunion Dinner Party...
    Find me a better scene anywhere than Martha apologising to Cyrell, and the music swelling, and then....

    “It's a shame you couldn't find a plastic surgeon that could fix your personality because that's what's the fakest the most, Honey!"
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  17. So, anyone watched the UK premier last night, I've just started it.
  18. Watching the second ep right now! So far, it’s actually really promising - absolute cut and paste job from the Australian version, and it’s all the better for it.
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  19. Nikita is already an icon in my eyes
    "I'm parched, I need a glass of water"
    Then crying in her confessional that she didn't find him attractive.
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  20. "How could you not get Gypsophila?"
    Chills from Morag before her wedding
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