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Married At First Sight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. I am completely ready for Week 2.
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  2. So Jordan is hot, but a mess, Josh is awful, and Frankie is giving strong narcissistic bully vibes. These poor women.
    Stan Adam it seems this week.
  3. Well that first dinner party kicked the Hell off, what a mess, I loved it.

    Also, me in this thread
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  4. Just watched all the episodes on catch up over the last few days and it’s an absolute Copy of the Australian version and as you say is all the better for it. But even the apartments and the area for the commitment ceremony look EXACTLY the same.
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  5. I've been rather enjoying the UK version so far though it seems like it's stalling this week already.

    Finally binge watching S6 of the aussie version and it's been absolutely relentless so far, stacked with drama and villains. Cyrel, Martha, Ines and Jess are all iconic for different reasons.
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  6. I can't believe Bob carried on after last week's mess, but the group do seem to be gelling well. I'm surprised they're letting a new couple form, but mess is mess.
    Morag's wonky eyelashes do my head in, and Franky is terrifying.

    @weatherconor so many iconic ladies, Cyrel is an absolute Queen, and I love her.
  7. I’m enjoying one woman hen party Morag. She’s not exactly being kind to Luke but I kind of admire her insistence on communicating all of her wants and needs to him in the interests of complete transparency.

    I knew she was around my age as soon as she shouted “Alexa - play Freak Me by Another Level!!” to accompany the fireman striptease that she forced poor Luke to perform for her titillation.
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  8. This UK series has been GIVING the drama thus far. That said, I wonder if they’ve played their cards a bit too early - I can’t imagine much topping that first dinner and commitment ceremony.
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  9. LTG


    Ant in his glasses… whew girlies.
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  10. If Alexis doesn't want Ant I'll have him.
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  11. Them all falling over themselves at Morag’s jar of compliments as if it isn’t just a way for her to pre-write them all on a Sunday evening so she didn’t have to make them up on the spot on camera dd.

    I clench every time Franky is on screen, he gives off seriously bad vibes.
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  12. I get such red flags watching Franky, you always feel he is seconds away from exploding. Every time he tries to be funny I cringe.

    I love that the rest of the group (and Mel) clearly can't stand him.
  13. Franky makes me so uneasy... poor Adam having to sit down with him pre-ceremony.
    I love the gays, I love Adam, I am starting to enjoy Morag and Luke (that jar of compliments is awful though), I don't have high hopes for the rest.
    Bob should have cut his losses last week.

    PS the experts are a lot better than the Australian one, they don't pussyfoot around anything, even Mel has stepped it up.
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  14. Mel is a lot better now she is out of the shadow of John and Whispering Trish.
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  15. Franky constantly coming for the experts, says something about how he needs to keep a grasp on controlling the narrative...
    I smell a narcissist
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  16. Unfortunately, I think it’s the other way round. I think Alexis is interested in Ant but I’m not sure Ant is as interested in her as he originally suggested he was at the first dinner party. His reason for not making a move - not even a kiss (concern that it might come across as him taking advantage) was way less plausible than her reason (quite understandably, she can’t face being knocked back again after her horrendous experience with Jordon) for not making a move.

    I find it so frustrating and dispiriting that the only woman who is experiencing problems with her partners not fancying her is Alexis, the only black/mixed race woman in the show.
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  17. Alexis is gorgeous and seems a genuinely nice person as is Ant so I hope they get on. I was just pleased they got another chance after both being initially paired with such a couple of duds.
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  18. The Megan/Alexis rivalry is keeping me fed, yas scream at each other at a garden party.
    Gives us Housewives Drama.

    @crash9081 you make a good point. I don't understand how the experts could pair her with someone as set in his "looks' as Jordan. It must be so humiliating... I hope her and Ant get to a better place.
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  19. I fear they may have shot their load too early with the drama of the first dinner party and commitment ceremony, not sure they will be able to sustain the Megan/Alexis feud for the rest of the series.

    You know who they should parachute in?

  20. Morag is a stunt Queen.

    "I really hope the situation between me and Amy doesn't become a thing...."
    Yes she does.

    Fair play, though I don't know if messaging someone on Insta is that big a deal.
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