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Married At First Sight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Josh sent Morag a message a year before the show and before he had met Amy. And...?

    I love my trashy reality TV but last night's was so scripted between that "bombshell" and Megan vs Alexis round 3. At least the next dinner party looks amazing!
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  2. I suppose COVID stops them from doing the home visits... but I'm at a loss at how long they've been filming for
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  3. I'm sure Matt and Daniel being "stuck on honeymoon" was Covid related too. I thought Daniel seemed really uncomfortable around the men last night, he was very quiet. Wonder why they swapped them around with Matt now with the girls? We'd all rather have been at that table too to be fair!
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  4. I'd rather be at a table alone than with Frankeh.
  5. Looks like I was wrong about them shooting their load too early, that dinner party last night was insane! Just carnage from start to finish. Alexis and Ant, Megan and Bob, and Franky and Marilyse really all need to leave tonight.

    I hope Mel hands Franky's ass to him on a plate at the commitment ceremony tonight, you do not speak to a woman like that.
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  6. Not anonymous letters adding an atmosphere, and Ant desperate for drama, but Alexis giving it to him before starters are even served.
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  7. Who put 50p in Ant? The attempt to grab himself some airtime at the end (given that Alexis made it abundantly clear that they would be leaving at the next ceremony) by getting involved in the Morag drama was so transparent and pathetic. I remember thinking Nikita was projecting when she accused him of being on the show to be in a “power couple” and further his own interests but she was probably right.

    I loved how ALL of the couples were somehow involved in a conflict apart from the gays, who remain unproblematic.
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  8. The gays are absolutely heart-warming.
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  9. Not the gays being the least messy people at the table!
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  10. "You fucking brought it up Morag!!!"

    Queen Shit-Stirrer, I loved the tables being turned on her by the end of it, poor Luke when she squealed she wasn't in love.
    Tonight's should be interesting.

    PS Frankeh and Ant can rot
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  11. LTG


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  12. I’ve finally worked out that Megan reminds me of Jodie Prenger of I’d Do Anything fame (looks-wise rather than personality):

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  13. Megan is giving me more Anne-Marie, but either way I am just glad she is off my TV screen now.
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  14. Megan staying basically to do damage control for her shitty behaviour. Bye.
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  15. If they let Alexis come back for a 3rd go next series, I would allow it. Poor girl went through a lot.
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  16. Anyone else see the advert for the new series of Married At First Sight Australia last night? I hope they don't run it straight after this series as I'm all Married At First Sight'ed out at the moment! Sad to say but I'm just willing the UK series to end now. Given there are no more dinner parties or commitment ceremonies I don't know how they are going to get another week out of this...
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  17. There is another dinner party...
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  18. I was sure they said it was the final dinner party and commitment ceremony this week. The reunion episode should be good!
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  19. I quite like Morag and appreciate all of the mess that she has brought to this series but her mum giving her some home truths (“You are spoilt - I’ve lived through it for 30 years!”) was incredibly satisfying.
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  20. LTG


    It’s 4 October so straight after this one.
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