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Married At First Sight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. This is like when Channel 5 would run Celebrity Big Brother straight after the civilian series when you could do with a bit of a break, but I'm sure I will soon get caught up in the drama of the Australian version! Wonder if they will be able to top Cyclone Cyrell?
  2. Anyone else think that Matt resembles Dan's dad? No wonder he doesn't want to give up living there, it looks beautiful.
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  3. I'm only on the first homestead episode, but Matthew's Mum dragging him over moving to Ireland, and thinking out loud she'll get cut off. I laughed.
    Can Feank-eh stay in Dubai, thanks
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  4. Tayah’s mum is so negative ddd. I’d be thrilled to leave her judgement behind.

    Frank-eh bragging about riding “semi-wild” horses only to be a complete disaster at horse riding on their final date. A moment most pleasing to me.
  5. I’m just getting to the end of this - or catching up (I’m on ep 13 - how many eps in total?). What a bunch of hateful people they all are! Barely any of them are likeable. Morag is just hideous. Alexis is possibly worse. Frankie is the king of them all for being shit. Jeez. At least the gays are kinda sweet.
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  6. E4 skipping from the 2019 to this years Aus series when last years looked like a serve is not it.
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  7. Frankie was absolutely terrifying, his whole swag was awful!
  8. I’ve been on an absolute MAFS binge the last month or so. I’d already watched Oz season 5 last year but I’ve watched the UK season and Oz season 6 this month.
    Just read that Frankie and Marylise have since split since the reunion. I was not shocked to hear that Amy and Joshua and Morag and Luke had split at the reunion. Neither couple were ever gonna make it.
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  9. I was amazed that all the couples said yes at the vow renewals. It was clear for anyone to see that Frankie & Marilyse, Josh and Amy, and Luke and Morag were never going to last. I loved that Luke finally stood up for himself on the reunion episode. Morag was an absolute horror and I was disappointed that the "experts" didn't give her a grilling for the way she treated Luke all series. Amy needs to take a look at her aggressive behaviour and temper tantrums too, she must be horrific to be around. It made me laugh that these awful women, Nikita too, were insisting the men should change for them. I can see Adam and Tayah, and Dan and Matt going the distance.

    Anyone been watching the new Australian series? I needed a break after the UK version ended but am ready to jump in... Please tell me there is a new Cyclone Cyrell!
  10. The new Australian series skipped from 6 to 8 unfortunately which has had a huge backlash over there for lack of diversity in the cast. Hopefully they put S7 on at some point as it looks quite the dramafest from the clips and has Elizabeths comeback and ascension.
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