Married to Medicine

Quad actually arrived to the trip ready to be nice. She even offered to pay for her own room. So at least there’s some change!
The whole awkwardness between Quad and Toya in the hotel room though. Even if she was joking, why mention about your room being in the basement and having a small room. Especially when you’re not on good terms with Toya.

Quad‘s behavior has just been appalling. Heavenly couldn’t even justify it at the dinner table. Mariah is no saint but now I’m seeing that whole drama between her and Quad in a different light.
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As soon as Quad left that episode it got kinda boring to be whorenest...

I hope the girls made the correct decision but I have doubts.

YOUR MAN IS OLD AS DIRT! in the previous episode made me scream.
The backlash is only growing after this week and Hevaenly’s live with Carlos. Dr Simone, Heavenly, Phaedra and Toya went on live and were getting eaten up so bad in the comments that they had to actually turn them off after about 10 minutes.

I can’t wait for the reunion. If Quad plays this right, she’s gonna make them all look like fools. Yes, Quad needs to be held accountable for her actions but the fanbase has been steadily digging up receipts about how they treated Quad poorly and never apologized for it.

Lest we forget these women finding out Quad was physically abused by Dr G during her marriage and then only believing it when he admitted it at the reunion that he assaulted and beat her. Yet here those whack “sisters” of Quad are still friends with him, joking around about Sweet Tea being an upgrade when he’s treating her exactly like how he treated Quad.

The show is dead without Quad and Mariah. Next season, they’ll go after Heavenly and get her out. Then what? This show is only strong because of the entire core cast including Quad; remove a piece of the puzzle and it just doesn’t work.
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Quad was DOA for the past three seasons and these girls let those producers manipulate them so badly that they couldn’t see straight. As a result, Quad was able to pull out her best Daytime Emmy acting and regain control of the audience.

I think the turning point was how humble and apologetic she came in the trip. She knew what was coming and neutralized everything they had to say. They should’ve recalibrated and dropped it, but they dug in which made them look so hateful.

Then the surprise drop of the sympathetic interview with Carlos King was *chefs kiss*. You could tell Heavenly was seething in her interview with Carlos because Quad has pulled the ultimate checkmate on them. To see Heavenly go as low as still to deny Dr. G hitting her (which he admitted) was shocking.

I’m very curious how this reunion will go. I anticipate 3 parts.
I’m actually worried this may be the end of M2M. Forst all the backlash and negative press over the gang up on Quad and now this video surfacing about Jackie denigrating pregnant black women is really picking up traction in the media.

Someone had to jump on live and discuss and broken clocks and whatnot:



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Jackie is being eaten alive all over social media about how ignorant and anti-Black her comments have essentially disregarded the existence of medical racism and bolstered very harmful rhetoric of the super- yet subhuman stereotype of Black people being able to “endure” higher levels of pain. What an idiot.

And it wasn’t something I said but most of the comments have called her out for never having children, as well as unearthing when she publicly revealed Buffie’s struggle with fertility:

Just a nasty, dark spirit.
Dr. Jackie is not and has never been essential to this cast. She's always been jealous of the HBIC and wishes the show revolved around her. Bin her!
People are exposing her in the comments about her clinic not even taking in clients with Medicaid, which was what Kamala was trying to promote, I-

And yes, Dr Jackie has always been vile, remember when she fat-shamed Heavenly on her debut season CONSTANTLY?

Well. That's that on that
This season is going to turn to absolute shite if Quad stays gone. The new episode shows this. Even Phaedra can't save it. I hope it gets better.

We had a good start - what happened?!
I didn't think the latest episode was that bad fff I am still entertained, let's see how they manage from here on out

(also the mid-season preview showed there'd be more Quad)

Word on the street is Quad ended everybody except Heavenly. Funky Dineva says from his source (he’s friends with both Heavenly and Quad) that Quad held everybody’s ass to the fire, dropped some major tea on two wives and dun dun dun, put Phaedra in her place by bringing Apollo out.