Married to Medicine

Apollo would do anything for a stunt appearance check! She’s such a QUEEN!

If it’s true, sounds like Quad said if you’re taking me down, I’ll take EVERYONE down with me!
Thinking of that scene where Apollo intimidates Phaedra in their garage with power tools still makes me feel uncomfortable.

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My fave moment was when Apollo went on a tirade and Shady PhaePhae was like:


You just know he did it as soon as the cameras started rolling and Phaedra didn't even FLINCH.
I'm still not up to date but I've just watched the Heavenly intervention at the start of season 9 and that was one for the BOOKS. I'm fucking crying. Heavenly giggling through the whole thing, Anila being annoying as fuck as usual, Contessa going off on Heavenly like that, Quad and Simone suddenly screaming at each other then laughing at Simone saying 'this. is. AMERICA.'

Even when this show is kind of stale, it's light years ahead of most of what this network puts on our screens.
I know some cishets MEN who don't like eating kitty so I'm suspicious of this person.

Many religions say that any sex that isn't for procreation is not allowed, so that would include her pleasing him as well.

That sucks. Well not literally.
The way the facade of the Kema and Alicia relationship faded away and revealed how messy they were had me gagged!