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Married To Medicine

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Betty, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Mariah and Quad hating each other as S2 starts... it gives Jill and Bethenny.
    Dr Heavenly bringing Miss Georgia Plus from the bowling to Dr Jackie's office... Messy!
    Lisa Nicole seems interesting... to be honest all the girls seem to be firing on all cylinders.

    (As is DWIGHT)
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  2. It was so weird losing Kari at first as she was a big player in Season 1, but in the end - the show does not suffer for her loss at all!

    (Yet I still rate her pretty highly!)
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  3. I think Kari should keep showing up as friends of here and there. That would be enough!

    I miss the mess that Lisa Nicole brings.
  4. Another incredible episode. These women all delivered! Heavenly is iconic. Quad and Simone’s ‘fight’ made me HOWL. Conetessa locking up her room, to clean it (off camera) and open again was amazing. Jackie’s typical line “How do we fix the friendship?” she says every season in a blank, stone-cold way make me laugh too. The way she played up the rent-a-therapist role with Contessa was great. All in the first 10 minutes!

    Simone’s receptionist not giving a single fuck with Toya was camp! The repeating and echo of Heavenly’s cackling was HIGH camp. Daddy still calling Heavenly “Buddy” — this bear should never change!

    Okay Simone’s Halloween Party! I was obsessed with Simone being an “Old Rich Bitch” and Kari being a MEDICAL MISTRESS! Toya and Eugene serving the Wish version of Beyoncé and Jay-Z… I don’t know better women. Scott in his get up, WOOF! I don’t know who the people who turned up in the Haul uniforms were but they were pretty insignificant.

    The last scene with the men was on par with the ladies going to dinner. I was living for the editing of Scott being gleeful when Eugene and that random man were starting to pop off.

    Was Anila in this episode?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Heavenly's laugh echoing through the first half of the episode was incredible. Simone and Quad going from screaming at each other one second to cackling with each other the next was incredible The episode was incredible.

    And Anila was there. I really don't get why she was asked back for a second season when it's clear even her own husband doesn't like her, let alone the rest of the women. If I never hear the word "blogging" again I could die happy.
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  7. I would like to say my favorite moment of the night was when Anila and Kieran showed up in those movers costumes. I SCREAMED. This is the first time those two have done anything vaguely interesting and I LOVE that it got under Eugene’s skin so bad.


    Sir, your wife has driven you to the poorhouse. Y’all have moved SIX times in 9 seasons. You have owed $150,000 in back taxes. I know that comment hit Eugene so hot in the soul because he is being overworked to the core to give Toya a lifestyle they can’t afford.
  8. Quad pitching a puppy clothing line as one of the pup's pisses all over the office...

    But it also taking five episodes for Quad and Mariah to explode on screen, the girls need to tighten that stuff Up.
  9. Picture Perfect Pup Puppy Couture is one of the most embarrassing displays I've ever seen on Bravo. What a delight.
  10. Worse than Cinnamon Girl?
  11. One of.
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  12. THE ON THE RUN TOUR comment had me HOWLING. Never change Quad.

    I thot it was The Weeknd and Bella Hadid. OOP!

    Heavenly's CACKLE echo-ing throughout Hotlanta - the editors need a goddamn RAISE!

    Four episodes back to back of amazingness. I love these ladies.
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  13. I forgot about this and now I’m dying all over again.

    How the producers thought they could try and get rid of Quad last season blows my mind. She is so integral to the cast dynamics.
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  14. So - this is blocked in Mauritius where I am currently and I have not watched the last two episodes yet. I guess it gives me a few to see once I return to Australia! Are they any good, hunties?

    How far along are you now @klow @johnny_tsunami @Andrew and any of the other newbies?
  15. IT WAS GOOD. Our ladies are in Vegas and Heavenly continues to be an iconique mess. There were a lot of fun light-hearted moments too. I'm really enjoying this season.
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  16. Potomac has my focus at the moment but I did finish (and enjoy!) Season 1. My MVP of the season was probably Quad.

    I'll be diving back in at some point as I'm keen to see what all the fuss is about with Dr Heavenly.
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  17. Funnily enough both M2M and Potomac are shows where it took my partner a few episodes to get into while I was hooked from the start ddd

    You cannot go wrong with either! <3
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  18. This Vegas trip has been winning moment upon winning moment. I could watch these women for the rest of my lives. That brunch scene is reality television history.
  19. Toya just eating her bacon whilst the rest of the ladies blow up was just art.
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  20. Just about half way through Season 2, and loving Quad and Toya to best at the moment.
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