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Married To Medicine

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Betty, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. I just finished season 2 (Dr. Simone kind of served this season) and am taking a break before starting 3.
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  2. The Breast Cancer Fashion Show...
    Pure Mess.
    It smells like a Mariah take-down season, and I am here for it, of course Miss Lucy is ready to step in and smack a Bitch.
  3. Dr. Simone is definitely the one for me as of Season 2. I know other cast members give us stronger quotable moments but she is certainly the most consistent throughout, and many things down the line cement what an amazing find she is!

    Cannot wait for you to get to the Lesbian Relationship Bitch! @johnny_tsunami and @Andrew <3
  4. Simone really is the most consistent of the cast, even in her more dramatic moments. The woman REALLY knows her way around a sound bite, too.
  5. Dr Simone is one of the greatest cast members on any Bravo show. Truly an icon.

    This episode was a scream. The brunch fight was incredible as it was, but when adding in Toya just sat there eating her bacon, the woman in the background filming everything on her phone and Kari sitting there ignoring the prayer circle it took the whole thing to another level.
  6. Kari quietly grabbing her purse and walking out of the brunch brawl? I cackled to high heavens.
  7. Kari didn't even have a single line? She booked as soon as she finished her food and left the ladies to pray after the meltdown. I think Toya had to force her to pray together with them too. WHY IS SHE THERE?
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  8. I cackle every time they revitalize the CONEtessa segment and refer to her exclusively as that.
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  9. I honestly think production brought her back last season to stick it to Mariah. Mariah used her producer power to get Kari fired after season one and with Mariah out of the picture completely, they brought her back, even if she isn’t doing much.
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  10. I feel like Kari's mere presence annoys the women, so I'm fine with her staying, ignoring everyone and throwing one hilarious jab a season.
  11. “Dr Damon Daddy” is still a scream.
  12. I'm in the throes of the relationship dramas in Season 5. Fucking yikes!

    I'm really shocked that all of this was filmed.
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  13. Just wait till the reunion. It’s monumental for reality tv.
  14. I hated Kari in Season 1 but truly can now appreciate the cold, robotic woman she is. I love when she has a single line thrown in here and there and its such a contrast to the other women that makes Kari look more ridiculous than she already is. I want confessionals from her.
  15. I hate Bravo. The shows been back for 7 seconds and we are already at the halfway point.

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  16. Now you're making me want to skip straight to season 5!
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. This episode was a fucking SCREAM. Keep these ladies having fun and getting LIT. I'm coming to Vegas to see a Black Magic Show. Toya is a treasure. Quad is a treasure. Heavenly is a treasure. Simone is a treasure. Jackie, Contessa, Kari and Audra were fabulous. I want to be friends with all of them!

    I guess Anila was there?
  19. I know Eugene was heated. Toya loves telling us every season how he has a small penis.
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