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Martine McCutcheon - Lost and Found (11 Aug 2017), Say I'm Not Alone - first single

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, May 30, 2017.

  1. The single has premiered this morning on Radio 2's Ken Bruce show (after 12:30 GMT you can playback and listen - skip to around 1hr 45mins in).

    Her social media has been updated and she's filming her new music video today;

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  2. O.M.G

    How amazing & random very intrigued.
  3. Not Martine transitioning from the Comeback Corner and giving the girls a release date straight out the gate.

    The pop world is shook
  4. An icon returns.
  5. It's not exactly the most exciting track ever but to hear her voice again on record is just so exciting after 15 years. I look forward to the album in August and hope she can trouble the top 20/30/40
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  6. What happened to the dumped "Disco Inferno" album? Boohoo.
  7. Tour please. Perfect moment, I got you & i'm over you LIVE.
  8. Scream! How unexpected!
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  9. Didn't she have money problems before, so she's hardly paying for this herself? But I don't see who else would pay for this. If this comeback is possible, nostalgia has reached a new level, like anything from the '90s/'00s will do apparently. Intrigued.

    What's with her face on that banner? I don't think that pose is for her! Still though, happy she's got something to do.
  10. Don't forget On the Radio

    One of the best cover versions ever particularly the single mix.
  11. Never underestimate those Loose Women fans! Martine has previously stated that she knows Radio 2 listeners are going to be her target audience so I wouldn't be surprised if the album did quite well for her.
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  12. Think I'll wait for the 7th Heaven remix.
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  13. BMG, giving the gays everything they want.
  14. Fearne Cotton got bumped down to BBC 2 ? Oop.
  15. She's covering for Ken Bruce – she officially left Radio 1 after her morning show.
  16. Not Martine returning to the scene to show all the other pop girls up by actually getting her material released: she's got the album up for pre-order on iTunes and the single is on Spotify etc.

    Queen of trying to avoid the one-single-and-then-back-to-the-studio-for-all-eternity situation. I'm shook.
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  17. Martine McCutcheon
    Say I'm Not Alone

    • CD Single.
    • BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd
  18. K94


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