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Martine McCutcheon - Lost and Found (11 Aug 2017), Say I'm Not Alone - first single

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, May 30, 2017.

  1. It's dropped a bit on iTunes already but have to give it to her/her label - they've been really pushing the promo on radio, TV and social media. She's had lots of support from celebs on Twitter too.

    I'd love for this to go top 10 for her.
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  2. As much as I love her and love the album it's probably going to be lucky to get Top 30
  3. Well I'll remain hopeful.
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  4. She's currently number 26 on iTunes but then more than half the albums above her are compilations and EPs so if you take that into consideration she's doing not bad at all.
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  6. Archive is the one doing things to me right now.
  7. What a lovely album.
    I must admit, I wasn't sure when it was first announced. I'd not listened to her other albums prior, and only knew the singles, but I've pleasantly surprised. The two single was stuck in my head, I love Paradise and Archive. Hopefully this does well for her. I don't expect it to break records, but a Top 20 placing would be brilliant!

    I'm so glad that I got tickets to see her in November too. Hopefully she does a mixture of new and old tracks. I need to hear I'm Over You and Perfect Moment live!
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  8. Have seen this being promoted in the window of HMV and she's very well stocked. Someone's done a good job!
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  9. This will go Top 10, hopefully!
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  10. She's 15 in midweeks (I still call it that)

    I hope she can hold on to top 20 would be a great achievement given that Wishing was top 30 and Musicality top 60.
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  11. Sorry boo, I only just saw the tag. I stan it obviously, she still sounds as great as ever, and I love most of the songs (the cover is a bit pointless though.)

    She's moved up to #14 in the midweeks today too. Keep rising, queen!
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  12. I hope it stays top 15, that would be great for her.

    I kind of agree that the cover version does seem unnecessary and it's a shame that song potentially took the place of another great song. I think Archive is my favourite currently.
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  14. I think 17 is bad for this. There was TV adverts, Martine flogging it on every chat show going, single and album of the week on Radio 2... surely the label were hoping for a Top 10 on this.
  15. The album is £4.99 on iTunes now. I might have to check it out.
  16. It would be a bad result for an act who get top ten albums consistently however she's outpeaked her last two which were both released when she was at a much higher peak of her career.

    Of course sales and chart runs are the most important thing however a number 17 for her in 2017 (haha ironic) is a decent place.
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  17. Shame it wasn't able to be in the top 15 but top 20 is good. I do kind of agree that it's disappointing when you consider just how much promo she has actually done. Then again, it's a Martine McCutcheon album and I don't think any of us here a year ago would have predicted her releasing new music let alone charting top 20.
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  18. Does anyone know how much the album sold in its first week?
  19. 3,402.
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  20. The number 9 and 10 albums sold less than 5,000 sales are pretty low overall.

    Btw You, Me and Us has sold 506,706.
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