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Martine McCutcheon - Lost and Found (11 Aug 2017), Say I'm Not Alone - first single

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, May 30, 2017.

  1. She looks and comes across so well, I'm so happy for her.
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  2. Seriously, a Martine McCutcheon album even being released by a label let alone reaching the top 20 in 2017 is a fucking miracle.
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  3. Another very unimpressive video however it's better than no video.

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  4. Considering she's with BMG and not 'going it alone' then, yeah I think the videos are a little underwhelming. I assume they don't want to put a lot of budget into her if they're not confidence they are going to make the money back?
  5. Giving this a listen now, after not hearing any singles, and it's quite good! A little vanilla but that was to be expected. Poor girl, no one has even bothered to add it to Discogs.
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  6. It's a little odd that the 'deluxe' edition, if that's what they're calling it, is the exact same album just in a 'book-bound' style format than normal CD case.

    They could easily have tagged on some live tracks, a bonus track or included a DVD/making of thing.
  7. Quite hilarious that she'd invite fans a chance to win a comp through Social media to be in her video... yet you never see anyone in the audience at all?

    And why do these video makers/directors/producers have no creativity when it comes to a music video? Clearly this had a limited budget but why does that mean it has to be a cheap performance video. There's so many other shots/different set ups they could have gone with. The mind baffles.

    It could have just been something as simple as a 'karaoke' night at a club and Martine and her band are just in the pub, drinking/socialising and then they're pulled up on stage to sing and the crowd goes wild and then half way through the song the power gets cut and everything stops/eveyone moans and then 2 seconds later the power is back and everyone cheers and the music continues. Pretty standard but would be something more interesting.
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  8. Sophie Ellis-Bextor has done this with her two last albums as well. I agree, a "deluxe" edition should have a few bonus tracks.
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  9. That's true, she has. It's annoying really.
  10. Her album fell to 69 in its second week.

    I really hoped it could sneak a second week in the top 40.

    I feel bad for her as that is one huge drop. I hope she releases more singles and keeps plugging until the end of the year.
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  11. She has "rescheduled" her tour - ie it will be cancelled.
  12. Can't say I'm surprised! Where's this been announced?
  13. Got notification yesterday that the Guildford show (which we were going to) had been 'postponed' until 2018..? But then they gave us back our money and said we could try booking for the London venue? Very odd. But yeah, sadly it seems like she wasn't able to sell out.
  14. Same with the Wolverhampton date. Can't see them being rescheduled.
  15. No, the fact they refunded us right away and only said the dates were postponed until 'spring' 2018 makes it all very suspect.
  16. This was the message

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show at Guildford G Live will be moving to
    Spring 2018, you will be able to repurchase tickets for the remaining 2017
    dates at Birmingham Town Hall on November 13th and London Islington Assembly
    Hall on November 14th at no extra cost (ticket links below). In the meantime
    your tickets for the show at Guildford G Live will be automatically refunded.
  17. She's performing on Strictly It Takes Two tonight.
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  18. Girl better not even think about shunning I'm Over You.

  19. The music is just dull and not what I wanted from a martine album in 2017.
  20. Did anyone go to the Birmingham show tonight? Looking forward to Islington tomorrow!
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