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Martine McCutcheon - Lost and Found (11 Aug 2017), Say I'm Not Alone - first single

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, May 30, 2017.

  1. Was at Islington Assembly Hall last night to see Lucie Silvas - great venue. Recommend going up top and sitting down. Perfect view and no need to stand for hours.
  2. Yes me and my mum saw her last night. I had the Meet and Greet as well. She is STUNNING in person and honestly, not what you expect from her. I'd heard reports of her being s bit diva-ish but she couldn't have been more nice. She thanked everyone for coming and seeing her live and each person had about 5 mins with her! The whole thing lasted over an hour! We even heard her sound check (which she didn't realise you could hear her until I told her!) and it was fab!

    The show was far from sold out. A lot of the top tier was not sold but the venue itself was lovely! The set wasn't particularly long (about an hour) but she sounded amazing and performed with so much energy. And you could see how much it meant to her that she was back performing again. She was almost in tears during Perfect Moment. I would most definitely see her live again (I've heard murmurings of an 'Up Close and Personal Tour' next year)

    1. Rebellion
    2. Say I'm Not Alone
    3. Maybe I Should Run
    4. Love Me
    5. I'm Over You/I Got You/Talking In Your Sleep (Medley)
    6. Archive
    7. Stay With Me
    8. Cried A Little
    9. Paradise
    10. On The Radio
    11. Any Sign Of Life
    12. Perfect Moment

    My only bug bear was that she could have performed I'm Over You, I Got You and Talking In Your Sleep in full, as well the other two tracks from the album, just to make the set a little longer. It didn't really make much sense to put three songs in the medley, when the set was only 12 songs long?
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  3. Out of curiosity how did she perform I'm Over You during the medley? was it like the original or changed up?

    That is quite a short setlist I'd have thought she'd do at least 15 full songs.
  4. She sang the first verse and the chorus and then it segued into the chorus and middle-8 of I've Got You.
    It was pitched lower than the original, but not hearing the whole song makes it rather difficult to judge.

    On The Radio sounded like the Radio Mix. It got everyone up on their feet. It was a great moment!
    Yes it was rather short, but enjoyable nonetheless!
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  5. She was great tonight! Amazing voice and I do like a lot of the tracks on the new album. I agree with you, the only bugbear was that she did a medley of those 3 hits. She REALLY should have performed them in full. I can't remember if she did "What You Do To Me" tonight and she did a cover of Toto's "Rosanna" in the encore. Amazing to hear some of these songs live at last!
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  6. I met her at her album launch and agree, she is really lovely in person. Not diva-ish at all (she was pretty drunk though ha).

    I'm surprised a bit by how short that setlist is. It's not like she hasn't got enough material. Dropping in Falling Apart, Rainy Days or Secret Garden would have been good. There were clips of her performance last night on her Instagram story if anyone is interested.

    Pleased to see she isn't performing Every Breath You Take. It really sticks out (in a bad way) on the album.
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  7. I have just listened to the album properly fort the first time yesterday and I have had 'Cried A Little' on repeat ever since
  8. Archive is the one for me.
  9. I’m pleased she cancelled the other gigs. £45 for 12 songs if that, bit of a rip off really.
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  10. I've seen the odd date online for next April/May for 'Up Close and Personal with Martine McCutcheon', which is described as Martine performing acoustically with her band and a question and answer session. Since seeing her live, I think that would be quite good. I think tickets were about £28.
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  11. "Maybe I Should Run" has been announced as the album's third single on Facebook.
  12. Good song. Kind of pointless releasing 'singles' but yeah, good for her. I will have to track down a promo of it now to complete my collection.

  13. Up Close and Personal with Martine McCutcheon announced for April/May 2018. Tickets look to be on sale now?
    Ticket prices range from £25-£28. Billed as an acoustic set performing old and new material, sharing stories and anecdotes from her career and a Q&A sessions afterwards from the audience.
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  14. Damn yet again no date within a 2 - 300 mile radius of me.​

    I hope that her label are making money from her somehow and we get a follow up fifth album. She said at the time of release that they'd written enough songs for more albums. Lost and Found is a really great record and certainly needs a follow up.
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  15. Surprised considering many of her dates were cancelled this year (which I can only assume happened because they didn't sell out.)
  16. Does she still do the I'm Over You choreo, though?
  17. Yes, including the iconic bandana.
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  18. QUEEN! You went to see her?
  19. No, I'm just playing haha. I can't imagine there was any choreography whatsoever tbh.

    Sadly I didn't get to see her, she didn't come anywhere even close to me. I'm gonna try and see her on the Up Close and Personal tour though.
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  20. She confirms she's working on a new album in this great honest interview.

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