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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by V Boy, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Ms McCutcheon is yet another popstar who has fallen below our radars since the underperformance of her last music project. I've heard that she's currently recording an album that'll be filled with disco standarts, to be released via an independ label towards the end of 2007 - is there any truth in this?.
  2. That rumour's been around for a year now. But I do still hope.

    She was at gay joint 2Brewers in Clapham a few months back where she got up on stage with Pam Ann - in some bizzare fleece top and trackie bottoms combination.
  3. Not even Xeonomania could save her - I do welcome her return though. I'm Over You was no-nonsense easy listening (finger waving never sounded so polite).

    Maybe she'll get Geri's botched 'Disco Sister' tracks - You Left My Chocolate Cake In The Rubbish Bin was a rumoured title I believe.
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  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    We used to draw a cat face on pictures of her and call it

    Markin' MaTerritory
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  5. I heard On The Radio, er, on the radio the other day! And it was her version... is that not really really odd? Like, it wasn't played when it was released why play it now?! I totally freaked out at the bizareness but no one knew what I was on about.
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  6. SBK


    Her first album was really good... the second one seemed a bit lazy!

    She said on some TV interview that she was working on a new album packed with loads of disco tunes...

    personally i think she should go back to the first album and try and re-capture some of those sounds
  7. Sorry to bump such an old thread but I love Martine's albums. At first I hated 'Wishing', her 2nd studio album, but now I really enjoy it. She has often said she will do music again but still nothing has materialised. She recently retweeted someone who said they were excited to see her on tour.... Is she in a new show or something does anyone know?

    You Me & Us is a good debut album, Wishing was very pop and fun and Musicality really showed off her voice. Would love some weird combination of the three for a new album.
  8. I've Got You is brilliant and On The Radio and Talking In Your Sleep is OK.

    I'm Over You is the blandest song ever. I can;t believe it was a single let alone a lead one!
  9. Oh Wishing is indeed great its a shame she had to give up on it after On the Radio's release due to beginning rehearsals for her stint in "My Fair Lady" as the album actually sold ok (250kish) & had two top 10 singles one which only missed the number 1 spot due to being released the same week as the Spice Girls comeback.

    I would have released "Love Changes Nothing" as the third single & then "You Mean the World to Me" as the fourth - the latter is actually about Martine's mother Jenny such a sweet song.

    I do like the first album also but I prefer Wishing, You Me & Us could have had another single from it though as it went double platinum. I don't like Musicality much but then I am not a fan of musical covers albums in general.
  10. She is back in the studio working with her musician husband Jack McManus, and hopes to release a new album later this year (13), telling The Sun, "Despite everything, I have a really exciting future ahead of me. I had a chance to miss it, when I was lying there (sick) thinking, 'I would love to sing or write a song again'... Jack has been writing some amazing songs for me. There have been a hell of a lot of things to write about. A big comeback concert is being organised this year... I want to get up there and sing again... I feel like I am starting a whole new novel of my life."
  11. How can you not love I'm Over You? It's a very anthem-like song with a catchy chorus. It did really well in the charts too.

    I think the singles run for 'Wishing' should have been:

    I'm Over You
    What You See Is What You Get
    Tonight (with a single mix)
    On The Radio
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  12. Perfect Moment is one of my favourite wintery songs. Lovely on a cold day when you're all wrapped up.
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    It used to be a running joke between a friend and I that whichever thing Martine was doing at the time would be her "first love". In Eastenders - "acting is my first love". Doing a musical - "being on stage is my first love". In Love, Actually - "acting is my first love." Releasing an album - "music is my first love" and so on.
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  14. It might have been #1 had I not shared a TV rip of it on Napster. I remember it only missed out by about 200 copies and there were more than that available on Napster! Felt a tad guilty..
  15. SBK



    So true, though I think a lot of popstars/musical theatre darlings/actors are the same. They try everything at the start and go with whatever works for them first.
  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    First POP! and now this.
  17. I remember she was on "The Priory" (TV show presented by Zoe Ball/Jamie Threakston in the early 00s) & said she knew the Spice Girls would beat her and wasn't bothered however you could tell she secretly was haha

    Do you think she could actually do well in todays music world as in reach the top 40 again? her first album rode off the success of Tiffany. She should have had a new album out after Love Actuallys release I bet that would have done reasonably well.
  18. I know, I deserve to die.
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