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Mary J. Blige - My Life II: The Journey Continues

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crayons, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. The Queen (of hip hop soul) is back with a new single and album.

    25/8: Lead Single

    Love the sound, it's so much more her than most of Stronger With Each Tear, which was good but quite generic.
    I don't know whether recent releases 'Someone To Love Me (Naked)' and 'The Living Proof' will be on the album, seeing as the first was a bit of a flop, and the second is from the soundtrack to 'The Help' (but it is really brilliant).

    She has worked with Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Salaam Remi, Raphael Saadiq, The Neptunes, Danja, Eric Hudson (who did 25/8) and loads of other producers for the album, which is due out October I think.
  2. G4L


    I love this song, her best in a long long time!
  3. I wish she'd tone down how many people she works with. And come up with a theme other than I Am Stronger Than Before Ever Left The Bad Times Behind.
  4. 3Xs


    The new single sounds a lot better than most of what she's been doing recently. Not sure how well the '25/8' bit is incorporated into the chorus but otherwise it's a nice tune.
  5. 25/8 is an awful title.
  6. Haha, she was only a day late releasing it in an Angie Jordan "My new single 25/8 is dropping on 25/8" way.

    I agree with what was earlier said, she annoys me so much. 'The Journey Continues'....what journey? Frodo and Sam's trek to Mordor was shorter than this. And WAY too many producers, that list looks like an actual industry directory.
  7. From Rap-Up;

    1. “Intro” feat. Diddy
    2. “Feel Inside” feat. Nas
    3. “Midnight Drive” feat. Brook Lynn
    4. “Next Level” feat. Busta Rhymes
    5. “Ain’t Nobody”
    6. “25/8”
    7. “Don’t Mind”
    8. “No Condition”
    9. “Mr. Wrong” feat. Drake
    10. “Why” feat. Rick Ross
    11. “Love a Woman” feat. Beyoncé
    12. “Irreversible”
    13. “Empty Prayers”
    14. “Need Someone to Love You”
    15. “The Living Proof”
  8. All those features are amazing. Can't wait to hear this!
  9. G4L


    Loving Mr. Wrong!
  10. The chorus for Someone to Love You was just featured on Jools Holland in the UK. It sounded gorgeous.
  11. When is this out ?

    My Life is the best album of all time but it's all been downhill ever since, hopefully she's back on track. This sounds ok but is still no competish for Be Happy or anything from her first 3 albums.
  12. I fucking love The Breakthrough (and the new songs from the GH) but it's been downhill since then. Growing Pains had a few good songs... Just Fine, Come To Me, Stay Down and the gorgeous Roses. I don't believe there was a single good song on Stronger 'withEach' Tear (and by the way Mary 'withEach' is not a word) and nowadays it just seems like she chucks an album full out of insipid midtempo shit out there every Christmas to catch the sales rush and then she's disappeared again by January. Where is the effort? She just needs to take a long, long break or something.
  13. She needs to split up with her husband and get back on the crack !!
  14. Mr. Wrong is amazing. Jim Jonsin is on fire this year with this, Right There and Motivation.
  15. Thought it said that for a minute. Sexy.
  16. "25/8" is out in the UK on 20th November, with "My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I)" out on the 21st November. She's doing some promo in the UK this week. She was on BBC Breakfast this morning and she's also on Jools Holland and Alan Carr this week. There's a possibility she may become a judge on The Voice UK too.

    From Tale Tela:

    In her BBC Breakfast Interview she admitted she had been in talks but she wouldn't confirm or deny that she was going to be on it. Really hope she is, it'd do her profile wonders over here!

    The UK track listing for the album is now up on Amazon and it's a bit different to the US version, particularly towards the end. SO happy "Someone To Love Me" is on there.


    From Amazon:

  17. She performed Need Someone on Jools... it's actually amazing. Click. Sounds like some long-lost soul classic or something. Oh Mary, every time I declare I'm out you pull me right back in!
  18. Album snippets. Sounds fairly decent, better than Stronger (as in her last album, not Kelly's!) at least.
  19. Oh my god the album is absolutely amazing. Comeback of the year. By a mile. The only filler is the cover of Ain't Nobody. Everything else is soul goodness.
  20. Im supper excited for this.
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