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'Master of None' - Aziz Ansari's New Netflix Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HorseTears, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. I'm not a fan of Aziz Ansari's stand-up, but I found him pretty charming on Parks & Rec. His new Netflix show looks good. It's funny how dramatically film and tv have changed. A decade ago, Master of None, and other shows that blur that drama/indie comedy line, like Transparent, would have been small indie films seen by a few thousand people and quickly forgotten in a few weeks. Now, they're reaching much bigger audiences via on demand video services like Netflix. Also cool to see Indian actors having success as lead actors - from Aziz to Mindy Kaling to Priyanka Chopra - and not having to play cab drivers or terrorists.

    Oh, and, the actors playing Aziz's parents on the show? His actual parents. Apparently, during his Parks & Rec days, Aziz's dad, a gastroenterologist, would corner Parks & Rec producers during events and ask them if there was anyway they could write him into the show. Ha! Nice to see he finally got his shot! Show premieres on Friday. Seems to be getting raves - currently 91% on Metacritic.

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  2. Uno


    Looking forward to it. Looks endearing.
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  3. I read about in The New York Times and they raved about it. Not a fan of Ansari but i'll give it a go.
  4. I liked the first episode but I wasn't blown away just yet.

    I do think it's very important to have the typical white self-important auteur tv show done by a minority for once, in stead of all white people always. (Louie, Lena Dunham, Marc Maron etc.)

    There's a lot of potential of how far he can go with this so I'm really excited to dig deeper into the season. The second episode already has a VERY promising synopsis so once I have some more free time Imma dig in some more.
  5. Just saw the second episode......fuuuuuuuuucking brilliant.

    I'm sold.
  6. I am on episode three now - it's okay but I will continue watching.
  7. The flashback on the fathers' lives was so heart-breaking to me.
  8. Oh fuck, this is really good.
  9. I feel like its being named after (or somehow spiritually linked to) the Beach House song makes it at least 65% more brilliant?
  10. I love Aziz as Tom on Parks And Rec but couldn't even finish the first episode of this show.
    Annoying show about annoying people. I tried reading his book once and didn't like it too.
  11. The first episode's the weakest, it's the only one I haven't enjoyed.
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  12. Really enjoyed the first two episodes of this, some really good laughs. Also the way it looks like an indie comedy film just makes it so much more enjoyable to watch.

    Netflix are beginning to have a really good track record with comedies after Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (probably my favourite show of the year), Wet Hot American Summer Camp and now this. This will definitely make the wait for a new season of Kimmy S easier.
  13. Yeah, you really need to watch the first three episodes before deciding. The first is by far the weakest.
  14. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    It does get better as it goes along, and I'm impressed by the cinematic quality, but overall, it feels a little lacking.

    These types of shows really work better when there's multiple main characters; so, for instance, if you get tired of Hannah and Shoshanna, you can focus on Jessa or Marnie, or whatever combination you prefer. Here, we only have Dev, and sometimes I get bored of Dev.
  15. Yeah, Dev is a bit boring - or, at very least, not always the most engaging. I thought we were going to get more of the divorced guy or the Asian guy, instead of occasional snippets.
  16. Aziz' father is a complete scene-stealer. Scream.
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  17. Just finished episode 7 and I'm loving this. The cold opens are genius.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Episodes eight, nine, and ten are exquisite. The Woody Allen influence is quite overt, but I like it.
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  19. I watched it all over the weekend. The episode with Claire Danes was a highlight, as well as the final two episodes.
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  20. I'm finishing up the season finale now and I have to say, this show really surprised me. The first episode wasn't the best, but it picked up and I'm so glad I watched it.

    I agree that the Claire Danes episode was a highlight. For me, episodes 5-7 were just spectacular and probably the best of the season (those are the Claire Danes one, the Nashville one and the sexism one). All brilliant.

    Netflix is just killing it with their original programming aren't they? I'll be moving onto Jessica Jones next...
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