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Matilda - Retrospect

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by frkeske, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. So today Norwegian artist Matilda (Matilda Gressberg) released her third album, it is called Retrospect.

    Myself I particularly like the songs "Her Too", "Tonight" and "Forever". Her music videos are quite popular, at least for a Norwegian artist.

    Plus there are music videos for "Tonight" and "Figure It Out", which I fail to embed at the moment.
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  2. Didn't realize she was releasing an album! I'm currently listening to her collaboration with Dagny (sounds great) and will make sure to give the full record a try.

    My most played songs from her are these, in case anyone's interested in her older stuff.

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  3. That is cool, @enricll!

    She makes good pop music. My two favourites among her earlier released material are "You" and "Apologize". Two songs which are very recognizable particularly if you identify as queer.

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  4. So today Matilda released a new song called "Now I've Got You".

    Retrospect is one of my favourite albums released this year. It is like a novel, but in music instead of just words.
  5. Today Matilda released a new single called "Nervous".

  6. Matilda is featured on Felix Cartal's song "500 Days", his new album Expensive Songs for Nice People was released today.

  7. Today Matilda has released her new single "Finally Alone". I love it and appreciate the mellow tone to it.

  8. Here is an acoustic version of "Finally Alone".
  9. Today Matilda released a new single called "Everything I Want".

    The Norwegian radio station NRKP3 put up a recommendation of the song. Myself I appreciate how the new singles seem to be going into a more organic territory when it comes to the sound.

  10. Here's Matilda's new single, "I'm Just Gonna Lay Here". I've hit the replay button more than five times.
  11. Matilda released a new single today, "DNA".

  12. Today Matilda released a song in Norwegian called "Fri". It's about what it means to be free to love who you love, and facing homophobia. She wrote the chorus after the shooting outside a gay club and its next door pub in Oslo back in June. There were two people killed and more people injured in the shooting. She published a snippet of the song on TikTok, which resulted in people requesting her to release the song so that they could listen to it more often. And now it's here.


  13. Today Matilda released a cover of Melissa Horn's song "Call Me by Your Name". I don't know much about this cover but apparently Matilda got in touch with Melissa back in 2019 when Melissa's album Konstgjord andning was released and sent a cover of "Call Me by Your Name" which Melissa said that Matilda should release.
  14. Today Matilda released a song called "Every Christmas". I reckon it is sort of a follow-up to her other Christmas themed song "Now I've Got You", which was released in 2020.

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