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He's been great so far, but I can't help thinking his schtick will grow a bit tiresome repeated week after week.
miklc said:
I want to hug him in a sexual manner.

Me too, he's very pretty. I love how they kept the stubble on him, normally it's the first thing to go during the contestants makeovers.


He doesn't look like Matt Cardle post-makeover. It's like Luke from Gilmore Girls TAKING HIS HAT OFF.
Love him when he sings, really provokes an emotional response from the listener.

I hope they don't hype him up too much in the beginning though.... early favourites never win.


That's a happy koala.

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Matt's the reason that for the first time ever I will be following The X Factor rather than just dipping in and out of the show occasionally.

He's just got something about him ...the great falsetto voice and a certain kind of unsureness and vunerability........

What worries me is whether being a contestant on this show is the right thing for him, I would hate to see him change to much. So far a haircut and a beard trim has not been to drastic.
I thought 'If I Were a Boy' was abysmal from start to finish, and I cannot seem to remember his first audition.
He has really nice falsetto and I love the yelping he does towards the end of a line when he's singing. Quite unique and a bit unconventional for a show like X Factor.