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Matt Cardle - New album (Jim Eliot & Chris Elms)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TAFKA TheHeadlessPostman, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. “Signing this new deal with Sony is one of the proudest moments of my life. After the highs of X Factor I sank to the darkest places I’ve ever been.

    But after overcoming addiction I finally found myself in a place where I was ready and able to create the album I have always wanted to. I then spent three years pouring blood, sweat and tears plus all my darkness and my hope into this album.

    I have come home to Sony but I’m in control this time.”

    Produced by Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding, Kylie Minogue & Will Young) and mixed by Christopher Elms (Bjork, Alanis, Anohni) the new album is bound to surprise perhaps even the harshest critics. It is due for release in spring 2018.
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  2. What alternate universe have I stepped into where I am excited to hear a Matt Cardle album?!?
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  3. What harsh critics? He's hardly a musical outlaw.
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  4. The only reason I can think of him getting resigned (besides the music actually being amazing) is the James Arthur effect, and they're hoping for a resurgence ala James's Say You Wont Let Go.
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  5. Didn't his last album get really good reviews? I remember him doing a song with Mel C.
  6. I always loved his voice but only liked a handful of his songs... But this could be a good album.
  7. While I'm here, I thought it's worth mentioning this stuff is incredible. Best album by an X factor winner quite easily I say, and that ain't hyperbole. If Sony get the marketing right it has the potential to be one of 2018's highlights. Gone are the guitars and MOR. Incoming are choral electronica, house and funk. It sounds like a debut album from an entirely new artist. Matt, Jim Eliot and Chris Elms are quite something together.

    I think the skeptical will be rather taken with what's coming. Jaw droopingly good at times. It's taken three years, but they were worth it.
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  8. I'm willing to be perched for this. He wasn't completely hateful like James Arthur, so I wouldn't mind a decent comeback if he genuinely has an amazing album up his sleeve.
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  9. Couldn't sound less like James's album. It's kinda Massive Attack, meets Bjork meets Ellie Goulding. Even that's not particularly accurate. It's electronic for the most part, but not dance music, although there are moments of that.

    I suppose it's Matt's 'Echoes'; an obvious comparison with Jim involved and a definite departure from his past albums. But it doesn't sound like that, it's more introspective, quite dark and almost hymnal in places. Metaphorically; he hasn't found god. Chris Elms worked on Vulnicura, and there are sounds reminiscent of that but obviously more pop. There's some really exciting stuff to come. I didn't like his first three albums, yet this new record is sounding essential. It's very good indeed. It'll be interesting to hear what people think.
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  10. He has lots of potential but the songs need to be catchy to stand out.
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  12. Don't know how I feel about the cover image, he's looking a bit beefier which is nice, and he's a good looking bloke, but the look he's giving is just a bit off.

    Looking forward to what this sounds like though, I always really liked his voice, just needed the decent material to match (Loving You was a bop though)
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  13. He was posting samples of some of the tracks on his Instagram recently and they sound really good.

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  14. Some addition beats-per-minute wouldn't go amiss, but they do sound great.
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  15. His new single's just been on Radio 2, quite electro and quite enjoyed it.
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  16. I’ve never bought or really listened to a Matt single or album before but for some reason I’m interested in hearing what he’s come back with. The comments above describing the music and the actual snippets sound pretty decent. Is the new single out on Friday then?
  17. Ken Bruce said it's out next month with the album!?
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  18. You can rewind on the R2 "Listen Live" about 22 minutes back, it's called Desire, and yes, I really like it, sounds like it could have come off Will Young's Echos, has a decent tempo, and some really nice vocal works from Matt.
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  19. Desire is pretty great.
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