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Matt Terry - “Sucker For You” & “Trouble” (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. He was launched from a dying show that was distinctly hit-and-miss in breaking new artists even in its peak years. Is anyone really surprised? After Louisa, the only thing that shocked me is that he got to release an album at all.
  2. No, people are just surprised the album isn't awful. I think he got the album out because they were planning on dropping him and couldn't just let it go multiple years without a winner releasing something. Louisa was held back because they were actually trying to find her a hit single.
  3. Ugh why do I find him hot even with this embarrassing daddy dancing in this performance?
  4. Trying to dance , and with a woman no less . No wonder he's dancing like he's just stepped in vomit it isn't what he is used to
  5. What a depressing sentence to read.

    Slightly off topic, but what's happened to Louisa - has she been dropped already?
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  6. Ouch at the chart position and the fact it's #167 on UK iTunes. It's a shame.

    @TAFKA TheHeadlessPostman do you have any tea on the midweek again?
  7. 360


    I'd like to know what happened to Louisa too. Shouldn't she have had an album out by now?
  8. I think we're looking at total sales of about 30k! or double that at most. He sold 6k and that was with signings, One of the problems is the album cover is horrible and so dark doesn't stand at all!
  9. Louisa hasn't been dropped, she's re-recording the album & is being re-launched next year.
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  10. I love it not even had a album out yet and she is re-recording it .
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  11. I can't believe he hasn't even been pushed at all on X Factor this year. I've been expecting him to pop up flogging his wares, but no.

    I'm not a fan in any way, but it seems cruel that the show that bore him isn't even giving him the slightest push a year later.
  12. Uhm.

  13. Hah! When was that? I must be losing the plot...
  14. 88 with the album in the mid-weeks this week. He really is done and it's such a shame with such a good album.
  15. Not being funny but what actually happened? He’s like a different person, yet it was less than a year ago since he won.
  16. He posted a shirtless picture on Instagram today and looked anything but fat so that's positive, I suppose.
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  17. Hmm..
  18. Another Syco disaster.
  19. RCA* I genuinely believe he can still get a moderate hit from this album if they actually push him. Both Try and Rewritting History are bops, even Mama could be summer hit next year if the GP are still into the latin trend by then, but it seems the label gave up before the campaign started. The single choice wasn't the best but I bet it could have done as well as Louisa's So Good if they pushed it and having him perform a promotional track on the X Factor and not the lead made no sense whatsoever. I find it very bizarre that they wasted money on him recording an album for almost a year only to quietly put it out with barely any promo, do RCA like wasting money? It's a shame a good album has been left to flop.
  20. Syco are the worst team in the music industry, but unfortunately the Matt Terrys of the world just don't fit in in a world that now revolves mostly around streaming. It's all well and good being able to sell a few thousand to mums in supermarkets, but his type of popstar just feels so... old fashioned? nowadays. He'd be a lot better off going the Alexandra route and finding a career in musicals.
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