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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by 2014, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. 2014

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    Don't usually start new threads in here but I felt this girl needed one and I couldn't find one for her already.


    Meet Maty Noyes; she features on Kygo track Stay and has also worked with The Weeknd (provides vocals on Beauty Behind The Madness closing track Angel). She has premiered two new tracks and they both are brilliant;

    Charge It To The Game in particular sounds like a Good For You/Lorde hybrid, I think she's great!
  2. I think I started one for her sometime last year but I can't find it anymore, haha. She's awesome.
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  3. Sorry found it without the Nylon feature now!
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  4. In My Mind is a bop, but I feel like she might unfairly become bigger than other new pop girls despite not being as interesting.
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  5. I'm honestly shocked there isn't a thread for this girl, this song is a bomb.

    She was also featured on The Weeknd's Angel.
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  6. It's impacting top 40 radio in the US on the 25th. Here for the justice of this smashing.
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    There was already a thread (created by yours truly) so I've merged them together.
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  8. The EP is out.
  9. In My Mind was played the other day on beats 1 and it's been lodged in my head ever since. What a bop.
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  10. She features on this track by Vanic. Bonnie McKee co-wrote it apparently.
  11. Oh hang on a second, this is bloody brilliant.
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  12. I'm on my fifth listen in a row. Can't listen to anything else right now!
  13. Um... What?! This is fantastic! I'm still reeling from MUNA, I don't think my body can cope with more brilliance
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  14. Ok this is very good! In My Mind and Lil Bit Wrong are excellent too ahhhh
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  15. London is incredible.
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  16. I'm very surprised Mr Popjustice didn't include this on the playlist today. It's the best tune out today by miles.
  17. Why does she always look like a completely different person in every promo picture?
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  18. The EP was amazing and I just happened to stumble upon her because of a playlist on Spotify. The new song is like 3 in 1
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