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Maurice White (Earth,Wind and Fire founder) R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, Feb 4, 2016.

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  2. It seems like we're in the midst of a massive pop music cull. I guess it's bound to happen now, with 'the artists we grew up with' getting older.
  3. A sad loss. 'September'; 'Fantasy'; 'Let's Groove'; 'After The Love Has Gone' and especially 'Boogie Wonderland' are timelessly classic songs. RiP.
  4. Earth Wind and Fire are one of my favourite groups. Their artistry is incredible. Their Columbia Masters set is a must-buy. And I love their greatest hits CD which has some updated remixes. I like that they embrace remixes even though they are a band known for their incredible way with instruments.

    Maurice White was a phenomenal artist and producer.
  5. Probably the saddest of all the recent losses for me - one of my favourite bands with a slew of outstanding singles.

    The 'Essential' greatest hits with the second CD of remixes is required listening for anyone not familiar with them. The remixes are largely outstanding - really sympathetic to the sense and musicality of the original tracks rather than the usual 'let's stick an ill-fitting beat behind old songs so they'll sound new' approach.

    Shame I was too young to see them live in their heyday - their live shows were famed for being a real spectacle.
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