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May 2019 PJ Charts: Is this too, is this too, is this too much?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 16, 2019.


    Also, Madison has a new song out and it's pretty great:

    And of course there's Madonna:

  2. Double post, sorry, but I have more recommendations! Ashley released her third album finally:

    And this is actually pretty fucking great in my opinion:

    And let's see if we can get Hurts 2B Human higher, shall we?
  3. Rather Halsey than Kim Petras.
  4. Let’s all support Shakespears Sister!

    @ohnostalgia I think you’d love this

  5. oop, tea.
  6. I’m on my first listen of the Carly album right now.

    Also for my dad rock fans, consider The National

  7. Phildel, my underrated queen of magical-moody-electro-orchestra-pop dropped her album Wave Your Flags. It will surely get my 9 this month. (because that Carly album.... whew!)

    Anyways, it's really good & as you can tell by monthly campaigning for her, I adore her. Fans of Dido or maybe Aurora or Oh Land might really dig it. In short, she's quite talented. I'd love for her to chart here so much. I know she reads the forums here & as a indie artist even shouts out the support she gets from the PJ forum on her social media. She's such a nice lady... a gem, I tell ya'.

  8. I am here to say the new National album is full of amazing female vocalists, so I expect more people to listen to it now. This has been a PSA.
  9. YALL BETTER VOTE FOR CARLY!!!! THIS IS AS GOOD AS EMOTION! I do not say that lightly.

    We need to coordinate our votes for tracks to have a chance at top 5. What tracks is everyone voting for?
    I personally feel like Too Much, Want You In My Room, Happy Not Knowing, I'll Be Your Girl, The Sound, Automatically In Love, Right Words Wrong Time and Real Love are standouts... What do you guys think?
  10. I will definitely be voting for Too Much, Right Words Wrong Time, Happy Not Knowing, Want You In My Room, Automatically In Love and Real Love.
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  11. Also here for Too Much!
  12. Sounds good @Music Is Life .... Definitely here for 'Too Much' & 'Right Words Wrong Time'. I'll probably pick one more, too. I could probably get on board with 'Want You In My Room'.

    Even though Carly is one of my faves, I've implemented a 'no more than 3 songs by one artist per month rule' for myself... so I'm going to try & adhere. She's gonna make it hard.
  13. Life has too many rules to add our own.
  14. It's more just to be fair on my ballot to other artists I love or discover during the month. There are a few artists I love that'll test my willpower, though.

    I mean, if I'm giving Carly my 10 on the album chart, it's implied I love almost every song. I'm at peace.... ha!
  15. I might vote for the Tyler The Creator album?

    Right Words Wrong Time should top the charts this month.
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  16. (I figured that was why, I just wanted to say something that was "deep.")And yeah Carly is just going to dominate, but I'm leaving room for Madison, Madonna and Megan & Liz.
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  17. OOOhhhhhhhkay! I was intrigued then you gave me Dido and Oh Land as reference points! Loving "Glorious" and will have to give the whole album a spin. Love the way she uses her voice, hitting those hit notes right at the end syllable. Soo good
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  18. So Carly actually pulled it out of the bag with the album? Huh. I have to admit I wasn't expecting it but obviously I'm ready to reactivate my stan card. Will listen asap.

    It's a pity the one version of A Whole New World has, per our esteemed host, a white girl in dreadlocks (and lowkey blackface if that video is any indication) and the other has Becky freaking G, or else I'd actually consider voting for it.

    Fun story, my old work bestie, who is Jordanian-American, actually tried to get her brother to go out to Hollywood and audition for Aladdin because she wants so badly to be famous.
  19. I think there’s supposed to be a third version of a Whole New World? @eccentricsimply ?

    And yeah I had no idea who Zhavia was until I visited the Zayn thread. I can’t even say I’m surprised they’re using a white girl in dreads... because Disney,
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