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May 2019 PJ Charts: Is this too, is this too, is this too much?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 16, 2019.

  1. Where were you when I was the only voter for this album in March, unnie?


    This is so heartbreaking. It really is a good album though.
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  2. No you already work hard enough. There's just so been so much great music for me old and new this month.
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  3. For me, it's:
    • Right Words Wrong Time (Gold)
    • I'll Be Your Girl (Silver)
    • Feels Right (Bronze)
  4. I only discovered it recently! I've been listening to it almost daily since.
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  5. I know Eurovision artists have been getting votes since Feb-May but most of my ballot is going to be from that this month because she's late to the party. For the K-pop hunties, don't forget that CLC is possibly coming back at the end of the month so save a spot for a certified bop.


    Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season

    GOT7 - Eclipse

    Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju tokës

    Also will be voting for Mahmood's Soldi, Conan Osiris' Telemóveis, Kate Miller-Heidke's Zero Gravity, and EXID's Me & You but they've already been posted here.
  6. Me watching Eurovision and stanning three of the non-english songs while also not understanding Kate during her verses even though she's speaking english.

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  7. Wow I am not ready for this month. I have a backlog of songs to listen to, plus Carly's album.

    I boycotted the Eurovision due to it being held in Israel for obvious reasons, so I will not be voting for any Eurovision songs and it would be very nice if they didn't take up the chart.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. *Makes note to vote for all of these.... plus Want You in My Room, Happy Not Knowing and Real Love.

    With all of this rightfully deserved love for Dedicated happening in the main thread, I'm very interested to hear which tracks are @ohnostalgia favorites?
  10. Yeah, I should note that the Dedicated songs I'm voting for are a mix of immediate faves mixed with the concept of what I feel 'can do the best' in the chart, here. The only thing I'm certain about is that 'Right Words Wrong Time' is my fave.

    Party For One is still probably one of my three favorite songs on the album. But since it had its chart run here many months ago, I'm throwing my support behind Too Much in that regard.

    There's at least 8 or 9 songs I want to vote for from Dedicated. Maybe I'll vote for a new three next month!
  11. Wow is definitely getting some points from me:

    As will this Tove Lo x Diplo collaboration:

    And I'm quite enjoying the latest from Jhené Aiko. I adore how she writes about emotions.

    May also throw some points behind Halsey and Charli...tbc.
  12. Zara Larsson's recent output has been amazing! Wow and Don't Worry Bout Me are better than anything that made it on her last album.
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  13. Don't Worry Bout Me is the best thing Zara has released since Lush Life, but both pale in comparison to Rooftop.
  14. The only song you need this summer:

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  15. The only way to ensure this is to promo some alternatives. I agree that hosting Eurovision in Israel is awful. Also really most Eurovision songs aren’t that great (the good ones already charted in the past few months anyways).
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  16. It’s a Miss Terry.
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  17. Half of Dedicated still needs to grow on me but I'll vote for Happy Not Knowing, Julien and Too Much.
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  18. I’m not gonna lie I had my first listen to Carly and nothing’s really jumping out at me at all. Maybe it needs time though...
  19. Thought I had my album ballot pretty much sorted, but then I just listened to this Grace Ives album because she had a song on the FYCs I liked ('Anything'). Her album really freaking good. I'm using Spotify in the browser so I can't see who added her to the playlist. Was it you @OspreyQueen? If so, are you voting for any of her stuff this month?
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