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May 2020 PJ Charts: Comeback (To Me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 14, 2020.

  1. I will definately be throwing points at all of those. Probably Heartbeat too. And maybe Summer Love.

    I'm perched to hear which tracks @ohnostalgia likes best?

    Real Love actually fits I think better sonically with side B. Comeback kind of gives me Real Love vibes.
  2. I have no idea how y’all make these decisions so fast ddd I need several listens of an album before I pick my faves.

    except for maybe Cool and Levitating from Dua. Those were *instant*
  3. I, intentionally, haven't listened to Side B yet, because I know when I do it will dominate my headspace. So I'm listening to some other things on my list first. (recent-ish releases & rate stuff)

    That said, Side B already has my album 10 for the month. Who am I kidding?
  4. Oh, I just know you're gonna love it.
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  5. OK this is been a good week for pop, eh? Foxes, Carly and now Ellie with a DECENT single.

    Seriously, we can forgive her for all those trashy singles after this
  6. Foxes releasing her first song in years, then Ellie releasing her first good song in years two days later, the power.mp3 that the Quirky Pop Girls rate has.
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  7. Coming up with a ballot this month is already stressing me out and I haven't even started yet.
  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’ve only listened to Side B twice, I’m still learning the songs. No way do I have a fave yet.
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    We will be voting for this, ladies. Oh yes, we will.
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  10. aux


    I hear the thunder comin' down
    Won't you rain on me?
    Eh, eh, yeah (Rain on, woo)
    I hear the thunder comin' down
    Won't you rain on me? (Me)
    Eh, eh, yeah
    RAIN. ON. ME.

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  11. So this month we have new albums from Gaga, Tove, Carly, Alma, Kehlani, EPs from Hailee and music from Katy Perry, Foxes, Ellie Goulding...WHEW.

    Loving this obviously but wish it hadn't taken some of them so long (cough Gaga) to realise we all still really want music in a pandemic.
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  12. Let's not leave Ms. Frangipane out of this narrative though.
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  13. Huh? Do you mean Be Kind? I love it, I just wasn't really considering it a big comeback type release...also it was released really early this month ddd
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  14. I might have to skip the album charts this month because apart from Charli (and Keiino, I guess) I just can't muster up the energy to listen to anything new.
  15. I know it's a jampacked month but this is fucking beautiful and absolutely deserves a FYC:
  16. Like Dedicated, I'll likely vote for three Carly songs (gold, sliver, & bronze). I've see people's faves all over the place on here (because her talent.) I suppose us Jepsies should try to rally behind at least one specific song for a possible top 5. I'm game for whatever, so far. There are no duds here.

    My three initial faves are:
    > Heartbeat
    > Now I Don't Hate California After All
    > Window

    But I could certainly be persuaded for another song that might have a better chance to chart highly here (since those three are maybe a bit odd or moody. What can I say... I like weird Carly.)
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  17. Yeah I did mean Be Kind. I hope it doesn't get too lost in the shuffle, having been released so early and with so many other releases this month.
  18. People seem to be kind of lukewarm to the song but I love it and the video so I'm posting this here:
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  19. Two of my PJSC artists from last year also released new music today, too.

    Connie Constance: 'Monty Python'

    Miraa May: 'Baby'

    I mean, 20 spots on my ballot wouldn't be enough this month... so I may not have space for either myself. Thought I'd FYC them both. (Connie's is more of an immediate fave of the two. I love Miraa's voice, though.)
  20. I'm a big fan but didn't like it much.
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