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May 2021 PJ Charts: I'm On The Next Level

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 18, 2021.

  1. Just a heads-up - any members of the Frenchjustice club who don't vote for Bobo in the songs charts and DRAMA in the albums charts will have their membership revoked. It is what it is, I don't make the rules

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  2. I didn't have the highest hopes for this given it seemed to be more a collection of songs that didn't get released and less a proper album, but it's actually great? My two favourites are High Score and Stealing Cars, I might vote for one (or both).

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  3. Here for supporting Stealing Cars I love that one. High Score is good too though.
    And I'm glad you also enjoyed the album, as not many people seemed to in the thread.
  4. I would have supported these but I already spent all my slots on Aly & AJ oop!
    For those curious:

  5. Sending in my ballot now! Some last-minute album FYCs:

    And a couple of deluxe re-releases:

  6. This is really fun.
  7. Can I get some FYC's that y’all think I might like? My can help (if you go by “all time” there’s less K-Pop sksjsksks)

    I just need a couple more songs to be satisfied with my ballot. I’m already voting for Slayyyter, MARINA, Tinashe, ionnalee, aespa, BTS and Taemin. I listened to Olivia Rodrigo and it’s not for me.
  8. I know it's unlikely, but I'm so here for the Aly & AJ giant album title to beat Sour!
    Also, some songs I was considering giving points to will have to wait until next month because I thought Eurovision songs would take only 50% of my ballot, they took 80% nn.
  10. I fuck with this!!
  11. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Okay, this is me just guessing based on the artists I see. I get way better at personal recs the more we interact, I promise. Let me know which ones you like so I can adjust my algorithm dddd.

    Disclaimer: I do not guarantee chart success with these songs, but I will be playing them tomorrow so they could gain traction.
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  13. 'ellå.


    Reporting for duty to aid, abet and maintain Klangthority in the charts once more, yes, Klangthority, Klangdominance, Klangpremacy etc. etc.

    Moments in PJ Chart-History that still haunt me; successfully plugging her debut to quite a few people and the powers that be deciding to flat out sever my internet connection (literally and physically, as it turned out, by way of a careless construction worker) for the better part of a month before I could get my damn ballot in.
    (It was genuinely a bit awful, actually, I was dead broke at the time and just about literally disconnected from almost everyone I knew for a good few weeks but oh well.)


    You can't keep a bad girl down.

    There's one release I'm a bit surprised nobody's covered yet so let me just get on it while I'm here, honestly, it's practically all but literally tailor-made to a particular subset of PJ regulars.
    Which includes you, so listen up.

    @ any and every subscriber to the divine trinity of Slayyyer, Shygirl and the holy SOPHIE. Or if you think you could enjoy Brooke Candy if she wasn't, well. Brooke Candy. Proud LGBTQ member, professional BDSM artist, all but set to make an appearance in the Charli universe in the near future because she's already opened for her once, her ouevre so far has been bops, bops, bops and her new EP is, get this, even more bops, so, yeah.


    Fucking get into it.

    If Riiiiii/RieRunway was still around he'd probably have posted about her by now, oh well. The internal logic of a hardcore Britney stan, one of life's great mysteries.

    I also have several Joni-sized feelings about incoming singer-songwriter icon Maple Glider but we can save those for next month when her album drops. Though if you had even a passing appreciation for Titanic Rising last year, better check it out.

    As for the rest, mm let's see.


    I haven't really looked into what I can and can't fit onto a ballot yet this month. St. Vincent, Erika de Casier and CHAI are dead certain, I assume at least @Cotton Park will be voting for Molly Sanden too, the Doss EP is fantastic, I don't know if she any other fans here but Lydia Ainsworth had points to make (I was a bit disappointed with the latter half of that album if we're gonna be honest but I still like it), I can't remember if Dawn Richard released this month or the last one but if she did she'll be on there too.

    As for songs, I never really kept up with Agnes until now, I did catch Fingers Crossed when it dropped, which was cute, but this?

    Kind of outstanding.
    I'd be willing to vote for some K-Pop this month too, actually, this one in particular bops severely.

    Unrelated but maybe someone else who contributes to the PJ NMF playlist on the regular (@OspreyQueen ?) can tell me if they've experienced the same thing because it's happened to me multiple times now; I added this one to it the other day, specifically because I thought it had fairly broad appeal and yet, just like everything else Korean I've added to that thing, it (and only it) had somehow mysteriously vanished by the next day and honestly, it's


    And by suspish I mean fucking irritating, but yeah.

    The Angel Olsen/Sharon von Etten duet will be getting a lot of points too, of course, if only to honor this recent important event in the indie gaymunity.



    By the way, while I'm here, thanks to whoever added this to the FYC playlist last month, it was my favourite discovery of the lot, by far.

    I was a bit shocked, honestly, the cover had me bracing myself for McKayleighannliekynn's reheated Julia Michaels-leftovers or some other closely related brand of Spotify-mold but it was nothing of the sort. it was just really fun.

    I do still listen to everything in those things, by the way, more people should start adding to it, even if it isn't open-quote typical PJ stuff. There was literally only two songs this month that somebody had beaten me to, @tea with From the Back of a Cab by Rostam and @ohnostalgia with Helena Deland and Ouri AKA Hildegard's last single. Taste.
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Yes to all this. I do give myself a few days ahead of time to add what I think are the most popular releases plus little releases I find using Apple Music, because I’m the host and I can do what I want. I really appreciate our core group of playlist contributors, but we always can use more! I never delete anything from the playlist, even though some people test me with their additions.

    If the issue is you don’t have Spotify, you can just tell me to add something.
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  15. I wont be able to make it, as I have a sad family occasion coming up by Tuesday and I'm travelling for that today.
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  17. [​IMG]
  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  19. I liked all of these to varying degrees, but the ones that made the most impact are PING PONG!, Ohio and Dance for Love. The latter is very Niki and the Dove!



    The entire album, actually.
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  20. I am here for my debut stage at the Main Forum PJ Charts and I'm full of comeback-coroner takes. Please anticipate!

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