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May 2022 PJ Charts: #1 Album + Song Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 25, 2022.

  1. I gave this 8 points, too….
  2. All these spread Eurovision votes is making me scared SloMo will not be top 5. I mean not even Konstrakta is top 10. The slay that is WRS beating her is amazing. I love them both, but WRS a bit more.
  3. Somehow it seems I forgot to vote for Konstrakta despite it being my fave song of ESC 2022
  4. That's it from me! Anticipate the Top 10 courtesy @soratami #soon!

    (I am still waiting on thoughts RE: Edgar and Apashe BTW @boombazookajoe ddd)

    In the meantime - please enjoy this boppy gibberish from Radiorama:

  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Only #22? We failed Ronela again.
  6. Glad to see my Eurovision faves charting. Monika, Andromache and Konstrakta deserved better, but it's great that WRS got close to top 10. I expect Chanel and MARO are yet to be revealed (even though I didn't vote for them).
    Yikes at "Suéltame" flopping like that, but I guess the lack of video/promo did its thing.

    Funnily enough, I initially had "RIP" as my one-pointer until I decided to swap it with "Heartstrings" by Ka’Bel, which is another song you supported this month. Then again, I honestly thought both of these had no chance of charting oop.
  7. Tagging error! Those two points were actually @Sail On points. Adjusted!

    Tagging error! You gave it 8 points, not @Untouchable Ace. Adjusted!

    @berserkboi I liked the song! I should check out more about them. What's their general deal?
  8. 8
    41 points

    @Ashling92 (8) @Babyface (8) @Music Is Death (8) @pop3blow2 (7) @Sprockrooster (4) @RUNAWAY (3) @Petty Mayonnaise (2)

    Taylor missing the top 5? Yes, it happened somehow. The swifties better make sure to make up for it by supporting Carolina in the June charts, I know I'll be doing my part.

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