May 2023 Charts - Extra Gay Edition - Songs and Albums Revealed!



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I've been having internet issues for a couple days and while I thought they'd be resolved today, now I'm not sure they'll be fixed in time for hosting the watch2gether, so I'm afraid I won't be able to do it after all. Hopefully someone else can take care of it though.
I'm finally here to give my Spanish+ recommendations for the month. Thanks again to @berserkboi for highlighting a few Spanish songs already.

First one I have for you is Paty Cantú's new EP (and our shared zodiac sign) Piscis which features songs I spotlighted in previous months.

Of the new songs, I'd probably select Guadalajara as the song to Spotlight.

Next up is Shakira's latest song Acróstico.

Karol G is back with another broken-hearted bop, Amargura.

Danna Paola also released a collaboration with Sofía Reyes called tqum.

And for the last one of Part 1, Maria Becerra has released a new song featured on the Fast X Soundtrack called Te Cura.

Part 2 coming shortly.
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