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Maya Vik - Beyond The Basics

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Lof


    She's great, I really like her first two albums "Château Faux-Coupe" and "Bummer Gun" too and her music videos and visuals are always top notch done in partnership with Pål Laukli who recently directed the music video for "Look What You've Done" by Karin Park.
  2. This is all amazing! Like Annie, but more disco-y. Thanks for the heads up!

    Edit: Young As The Night sounds a lot like Dear Old Nicki in parts. Weird.
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  3. This EP is amazing. Can't believe no-one is showing any love for it. I know we say everyone sounds like Annie but this really is the closest thing to a new Annie EP! YMD and Can I Feel are excellent.
  4. I bought both of her EPs when I saw this thread and they're both amazing!

    Oslo Knows, Y.M.D., Going Insane and Totally Right are the highlights for me.
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  5. I haven't heard the whole EP yet, but 'Totally Right' is seriously the best ever. It's like 80s throwback heaven with sugar on top. This is so going on my to-do list.
  6. huh


    Grateful for this thread leading me to discovering her music since I've been jamming out to this pretty much all day.

    "Y.M.D" is pretty much the star of the show, but also really love "Totally Right", "Can I Feel?", "Natural Selection" (parts of the melody of it remind me of a slower/chilled out "Knocked Out" by Paula Abdul), "Going Insane" (the Prince vibes are strong) and "Oslo Knows".
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  7. Bit of a bizarre approach here. She's released a totally new (and rather barmy) single called 1-2 Count but also a video for previous EP track Can I Feel. Can't help but love both and her! Filling the Norwegian Annie-shaped gap in our lives.
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  8. This is pretty incredible. I'd say it's more Dannii Minogue than it is Annie.
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  10. This is adorable and a bop. I can't wait to have it on my phone, like, now.
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  11. Yes, Maya Vik! I love this woman to bits. Can I Feel? is a bop and the video is world-class. Spend My Time Losing You is great, too, very Annie indeed.
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  12. I was going to add Maya Vik's new single to the existing Maya Vik thread, only to discover that there was no Maya Vik thread. She's a Norwegian bass player and singer with a really cool retro funk vibe. A couple of my favorite tracks from her:

    And her new track:
  13. Château Faux-Coupe is a brilliant album. She should be huge (or at least as big as Annie).
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  15. I don't use the forum search anymore - I put "popjustice forum" and the name of the act into Google to find threads.
  16. New single 'Beyond'. Very different sound. Out goes the bubblegum funk and in comes the electro slo-jam.

  17. This one and On It are my favorites. I've only heard the Bummer Gun/On It album though (which, may I point out, her record company popped on Datpiff as a free download).

    I do love that she looks like '80s Kylie in the photos for that album.
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