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McBusted (Busted/McFly) joint tour 2014

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bestinase, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Well, this is happening, and my 16 year old self is sqealing in delight. No Charlie though, obviously, because he's too busy being a 'serious musician' somewhere.

    They've announced an arena tour below, and they're on Twitter as well. No joint album though, apparently.

  2. I've wanked out of a window to celebrate.
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Busted should tour with TLC and Bananarama and call it THE NOT THE SAME tour.
  4. Poor* Matt and James. It's clear that they'd like an actual reunion and not this package deal, but Charlie's not gonna do it and reforming a band with only two members just looks silly.

    *not really
  5. Maybe Dennis is honest about his celebration above, but it's still referencing a decade-old PJ thread, from the innocent and anarchic beginnings of the PJ forum. Many readers of this thread would remember that anyway.

    But, yay! McBusted! Such a nice notion!
  6. I don't understand why they don't just replace Charlie and start making music again. Sure it won't be the same but he was only with them for like two and a half years.
  7. No Scottish date.

    McBusted can go and McFuck Off
  8. Friday 18th April at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow. First night of the tour.
  9. SBK


    Yeah, Its obvious that Matt and James are so up for a trip down memory lane, but Charlies like HELL NO so this was their only option. Guess it makes sense for the management, gets McFly back into arenas.
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  10. I didn't see this on any sites such as ticketmaster. Dammit. I need to find another way to use McFuck Off.
  11. I used to hate both these bands with a fiery passion. I would now seriously consider going to this tour. The wonders of growing up.
  12. I got really excited when I saw this thread but I should have known better than to think Charlie would be on board.
  13. I hope this goes well for them! I think James and Matt could reform without Charlie in the future though.
  14. Good on him, though, for actually sticking to his principles and decisions. Usually it's "I'm never going back.....wait, HOW much?"

    They were idiots not to replace him anyway. While I was never a fan of Busted, they did manage one or two decent songs, whereas the split gave us Matt's solo career and Son Of Dork. Frankly, the less said the better.
  15. Matt actually made some pretty good tunes. 'Don't Let It Go To Waste' (the song) was brilliant, and those vocals at the end were amazing. It's a shame he flopped but oh well.

    I have yet to hear anything from Son of Dork or Fightstar.
  16. Matt has aged like a fine wine. He was my teenage crush though in hindsight I don't know what I saw in him. He looks very handsome now.
  17. I am so excited about this that it's prompted me to rejoin the PJ forum after a several year hiatus.

    Charlie Schmarlie.
  18. SBK


    I agree, this tour is their management get McFly back into big venues and people used to a 2 man Busted.

    You have to respect him for moving on. Like you said, most would come back just for the money.
  19. I think they should do an album as McBusted. Just one though, more than that would be milking it a little.
  20. I remember Son of Dork's album essentially being like a Busted or early McFly album, so if you like those bands you will enjoy that album. Fightstar... the less said about them the better.
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