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McFLY "Please Please" Video

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Adem, Jun 19, 2006.


    May I just say this is their best video ever?

    Even though their slightly serious last album was bloody amazing, It's good to see them having a bit of fun and laughing again.
  2. I'm not really into the video but it's their strongest single to date, I think.
  3. I'm afraid I disagree. It's weaker than all of the singles from the first album, and would fit right in as an unreleased track on that. I fear they're going stale very quickly. Infact I think they're there already, which pains me to say since I used to love them and find the stuff exciting. Perhaps getting a team of writers to work with would save them.

    I like the video though.
  4. To me it's neither their strongest single to date nor a disgrace. It's just a nice return to the punky pop roots of the 1st album and I think it's a promising teaser for the new album... Obviously Poppin Fresh is right in saying that McFly's shelf life is getting shorter by the minute but it's not because their output is getting weaker, it's just that kids have shorter attention spans these days. Most of their fans from the 1st album have abandoned them for Muse, Keane or whatever and they aren't "new" enough to get legions of new fans..
  5. I really want to bum Harry.

    And the song is good.
  6. i think the video is ace - rather cheeky which is what i've come to expect from the lads.

    plus i think dougie is rather cute. wrong i know as he's only young!
  7. I like the video, as has been said it's nice to see them having a bit of fun and a 'mess around' after the last couple of serious videos. The big grins on thei faces when they're racing the wheelchairs are just adorable!

    I am, however, undecided about the song. It's catchier and bouncier than the previous singles, harking back to the days of Obviously and That Girl which I like. But the content of the song peeves me slightly, after the strong denials from both parties whenever the rumours about Harry and Lindsay came up, and the questions being brushed off as if they were bored with them in interviews, the fact that they're now cashing in on it annoys me. I assume it's all geared towards a US release once they're slightly better known out there?
  8. The single is most certainly a grower.

    At first listen I was incredibly disappointed, but after about the third listen I finally began to like it, and now, I love it and I also think it's their strongest single since "Obviously".

    Hopefully this is an indication of a return to 'good times and much fun' for the next album then.
  9. I just really don't like it. I am finding it hard to like everyone's new singles from their new forthcoming albums (Beyonce, Christina etc).
  10. I love the song and I like the video but I thought they would have done something like chase a fake Lindsay Lohan around LA or New York or London or something along those lines with Lohan who the song is actually about!
  11. I think if you listen carefully the lyrics aren't actually saying anything went on, just that they'd like to get it on with her. But still, it is cashing in on that publicity.
  12. I actually don't really like this that much.
    It's too "safe" is the only word I can actually use

    Hang on totp cancelled well i guess that gets rid of something for mcfly to promo on now doesn't it.


    Just 2 seconds ago the page changed
  13. If you notice on the nurse's name tag her name is Lindsay Albright. Lindsay Lohan's charcter in JML was Ashley Albright. I assume that's meant to be the connector between Lindsay Lohan and the girl in the video.
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