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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. The song is on their YouTube channel - still not on Spotify etc::
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  2. It's not quite what I expected, but I like it.
  3. It’s very The Vamps.
  4. They just played a bit of the music video on Lorraine - it’s like a lyric video but what more do we expect in lockdown haha!
  5. I think it actually feels more McFly than I expected from the reviews. It will get them a lot of radio 2 play if nothing else. I pre-ordered the CD and vinyl bundle and I'm excited now.
  6. SBK


    I'm a little bit underwhelmed. Not awful, not great.
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  7. Danny’s voice sounds so different to me now comparing to their last album - it’s really husky?! Like he’s smoked a lot!
  8. I miss when their album campaigns were built around getting their arses out.

    Simpler times.
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  9. I'd say it has just matured a lot. It's been 98 years since the last album.
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  10. Good song, but not a great one. I wish they came back with something completely fresh as this sounds kind of phoned in and does not have much personality.

    I mean, 'Touch The Rain' and other stadium-sized pop anthems should have been the foundation for this record.
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  11. Agreed. Red, Touch the Rain and Hyperion were where they should’ve gone.
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  12. I wanted to like this but I’m not on board. The Lost Songs showed so much potential and had me excited for what they could do next.

    I expected this to build on the sound of We Were Only Kids, Touch The Rain and Hyperion. Those songs were special and you could tell they put a lot into them even though they weren’t finished.

    I think this suffers the same identity crisis Above The Noise had at times (which they admitted and seemed like they learned from). It doesn’t sound like McFly and while they don’t have to always sound like their older stuff or The Lost Songs, certain things make a song a McFly song and this doesn’t have that. Even Love Is On The Radio was a more convincing McFly song.

    I was worried that the quick turnaround of this album would cause them to make something easy, uninspired and what they “think fans want” (like Busted’s Half Way There) and so far I feel like that’s what we’re going to get. In both cases Night Driver and The Lost Songs should’ve been the blueprint to build on.
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  13. Touch the Rain should of been released years ago before Love is Easy - it just has all the qualities you’d want from McFly. I don’t actually know what I expected, I would of thought there’d at least be some guitars. To me the song sounds like something they’ve written for their kids to dance to not a crowd of 30+
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  14. Exactly see Toms latest Instagram!
  15. I need the lost songs on cd why isn’t it this included on their store to add to the new album.

    I don’t stream and just want them songs on my iTunes :(
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  16. I'm guessing because this is being released through BMG and that was just themselves on Super records so there's no link. I am surprised they haven't put the Lost Songs out physically though seeing as it's a big market for them.
  17. It wouldn’t hurt for them to allow it for download it’s win win for them
  18. I'm trying not to base my expectations about the album on this one single. It's definitely a lot more poppy and light hearted than The Lost Songs, but Love Is On the Radio and Love Is Easy were in a similar vein to this and they were presumably recorded around the same time as The Lost Songs?

    Either way I like it, but I'm hoping for more depth from the album. Radio:active is still my favourite album of theirs.
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  19. Not a fan of it, it's a bit latter day Take That. but it does sound like something that would get a lot of airplay on stations like Radio 2 or be used in TV adverts or films. Maybe that's what they need right now. Remember when Radio:ACTIVE came out and they had to give it away for free with the Daily Mail? Weird times.
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