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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. They are so versatile - I’m sure there will be variation on the album
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  2. It wasn't quite as simple as that. They did a deal with the Mail which benefitted both parties (as I remember, the paper's sales went up massively with the album). They still did a conventional release shortly afterwards, too.
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  3. Video premiere tomorrow at 10am.

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  4. I enjoyed the video, it looks like it was probably filmed recently and they've done a pretty good job considering all the restrictions that have been in place over the past few months.
  5. Yeah it’s pretty creative. I like it

  6. the tour has been rescheduled to May 2021.
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  7. I can’t make the date at Newcastle as I’m in Scarborough :(

    Can I get my money back?
  8. Where did Happiness Chart? I can’t see it?!
  9. It didn’t chart.
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  10. I preordered the album for their store and then got a download for happiness will that count towards a chart sale?

    It’s a nice summery track but don’t think it’s worthy of a ‘comeback’ single.

    Some of the lost songs would of had more buzz & potential for them
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  11. I've preordered the CD and cassette! First cassette album I've ever actually bought, although I used to tape songs off the radio all the time. By the time I started buying music, cassettes were already on their way out.

  12. Potential new song sounds like a Busted style song just going off a few seconds.
  13. New track out tomorrow, "Growing Up" featuring Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, which I'm sure the guys from McFly are thrilled about!

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  14. I hope it’s better than I Hate Your Guts although kind of sounds like a similar sound - we shall see but I wasn’t a fan of the McBusted album so not that excited for this one.
  15. I like it more than Happiness to be honest, but that was dead on arrival for me, haha. This is a bit like McFly-do-Blink 182, but it feels more like them as we know this kind of early 2000s pop-rock is something they enjoy and are influenced by.
  16. I've listened to it - it's very bass heavy and it's very very different to Happiness can't imagine how the album will flow or sound and nothing i've ever heard from McFly. I think it would fit really well on Busted's Half Way There album and is probably better than the similar sounding songs on that album.

    And Mark Hoppus fit's so well with them and the song, especially Dougie
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  17. I mean they literally released something as far away from Happiness as possible. It just gave me Hate Your Guts feelings all the way through but without being as good as that song. I'm glad they are mixing it up but this definitely won't be in my most played McFly songs.
  18. I think for the first time pre-McBusted I’m not that hyped for a McFly album, both songs are just ok for me. I already know the album won’t be a top fave for me as I usually love their singles.

    They sound a bit lost to me? I know they struggled with album 6, this is their 3rd album 6 but so far the lost songs have been better.

    I think McBusted really rocked them and they lost their sound and let’s be honest McBusted album was terrible as was Busted recent album. They need to “grow up” and find a mature sound that fits in with today’s music. Punk pop and sax isn’t it.
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  19. I kind of thought these guys would of went with something similar to what Lawson would release if they were still around today.

    the lost songs sounded better than what we’ve been getting. Hopefully the BGT performance will give them some movement
  20. Lawson ARE still around though. Their new material is stellar.
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