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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. MB


    So stellar and so much better than these last 2 mcfly releases.

    the BGT performance was ok, doesn’t seem to have done much for the song or album preorder on iTunes though.
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  2. Tonight Is The Night out Thursday.

  3. Not holding out too much hope these first 2 songs have been a bit meh to me. I think they’re possibly the worst songs in the entire McFly back catalogue.

    Wish they would of actually released The Lost Songs as an album now, the songs a much better even though they aren’t fully finished. Danny released a great EP and had an album recorded which was better than these song as well that they could of used.
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  5. Such a shame I’m not loving any of these songs. The Lost songs were SO good and these just feel like a real step down in terms of quality. Its all a bit... muddy. It’s like they’re struggling to find an identity this time around.

    My husband is their biggest fan and he is so disappointed.

    They really should have gone with that stadium sound seen on tracks like Red and particularly on Touch The Rain. They could’ve ascended to man band with that type of sound I feel.
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  6. Growing Up is my favourite of the three we've heard so far. This one sounds like a sombre sequel to Happiness, and I'm not a fan. It's a shame because the early descriptions from the press previews made it all sound very good.
  7. I actually quite like Tonight Is The Night!
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  8. They're releasing limited edition cassettes of each member (500 per member).

    Get them here if you want:
  9. It's probably my favourite of the three but nothing is making me excited for the album to be honest. I really liked some of The Lost Songs but I'm not sure what direction they're going in with this, it all seems a bit of a hotch potch.
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  10. "Tonight Is The Night" video.

  11. I don't know anything about this group, but they covered my favorite band Jellyfish, so that's weird and cool.
  12. Dougie wearing much too many clothes in that image.
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  13. Looks like they're taking a leaf out of Kylie's book, and will be "hiding" song titles from the album's tracklisting across the internet over the next 48 hours.

    Reckon there must be a bored intern at BMG this week.

    Titles that we know/have been found as far as I know:
    1. Happiness
    2. Growing Up
    3. Tonight Is The Night
    4. Head Up
    5. Special
    6. Young Dumb Thrills
    7. Not The End
    8. Wild And Young
    9. Like I Can
    10. Another Song About Love
    11. Back To School
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