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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Just listened to Head Up I was confused to not hear Dan Reynolds singing or to have written it
  2. I want the lost songs on cd or even digital download. Still not received my signed copy yet
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  3. Well... that album was a snorefest what a disappointment even McBusted awful album had more life in it that this. The songs are all just boring theres no big choruses... quite sad for them and me!

    I managed to find a downloadable copy so I do have Lost Songs away from streaming and just listening to it now... so much better would of rather they released this as an album
  4. This is a very odd question... but the "ooh ooh ooh oooooh" part in their song Star Girl, reminds me of a Christmas song/ hymn that I used to hear and sing at primary school and I can't think of what song it is and wondered if someone could help?
  5. The ITV documentary which was on last night was very much an ITV documentary but it did actually make me feel a bit emotional and listen to the album again and appreciate it more. I do think they released the worst couple of tracks first, Another Song About Love and You're Not Special both capture that old school McFly vibe better than Happiness ever could.
  6. W2K


    The documentary was great. I may have shed a tear or two. I’m glad they’re in a good place again, you can tell they love each other dearly. And speaking from experience, there’s no better feeling than seeing your favourites back on stage again when water is properly under the bridge. I’m glad the McFly fans have that.
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  7. Ditto - I don't understand why they didn't do a deluxe version of the new album with the Lost Songs collection as a second disc - or put it as part of a box set or something.

    I saw the documentary on Saturday and it was pretty good. Not as much drama as some of the other pop documentaries in a similar style but it's great to see they've reconciled and are all in a better place. The love always seemed to be there ostensibly.

    I have had "Happiness" stuck in my head all weekend!
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  8. Sorry for the double post but it's nice to see the new album doing so well in the midweeks at #2!
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  9. I’m in shock as it’s not a good album... it’s just not “McFly”
  10. I've never really invested in a McFly album but The Lost Songs was such an incredible collection of songs. It's a shame that wasn't their proper comeback album. Can't say I will be revisiting this one much (or at all).
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  11. They’ve debuted at #2 which is great for them. I think the first half of the album is great the second half not so much but still a good comeback for them :)
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  12. That's great. Hopefully they can carry that success forward towards a tour and whatever comes next in terms of music.
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  13. I’m shocked they managed to pull it off being their weakest album to date but I guess a lot of people bought it before realising it was that great. Either way excited to have the boys back!
  14. Just can’t get into the album. The only standouts are “Young Dumb Thrills” and “Another Song About Love”.
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  15. Newbie to this thread but want to say that for many years - and still now - if someone asked me for my favourite band, I always said Mcfly. Always cracking albums (Motion in the Ocean is still up there for one of my fave albums ever....every song a tune). My most played tracks of 2019 were the Lost Songs!!

    I was i the minority who hated skipped that stage. I just wanted Mcfly!

    The Lost Songs were overall a great set of tracks with some absolute blinders (Touch The Rain, Hyperion etc) but they felt that 'current' Mcfly sounding so was so excited for the new album...

    Like a few I have to said i initially felt disappointed. Happiness, just felt like a TV advert, no substance...especially when you compare it to the magnificence of Touch the rain etc. I watched the documentary after listening to the album and reminded me how much I loved the guys and hearing their story the new album made more 'sense', so gave it another few listens and It is definitely growing on me.

    I like the fact they have just decided to make music for the joy of it....might mean as fans we might not like every twist and turn i suppose, but am so glad to have them back.

    Highlights for me are mostly in the second half... Like I Can, Not The End, Sink or Sing... Tonight's the Night has clicked with me since the Doc too, can feel it more as know the journey about acceptance and mental health etc.
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  17. They do this on their tour. It’s a great track

    went to the sound check last week and they’re all such lovely lads and put on such an awesome show.
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  18. I’ve always heard great things about them, and when I met them a long time ago through a work commitment at an old job of mine they were very friendly and seemed genuinely pleasant and down to earth, which was a relief since I was/am also a fan, so I’ll always have a soft spot for them… even if some of the recent music doesn’t quite live up to what I think they’re capable of, haha.
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  19. Haha agreed on all counts!
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