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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. duckface

    duckface Guest

    They'd do well to make the album cover a close-up of Harry's abdomen.
  2. Haven't they already sung about the radio a few times? Meh. MetaFly.
  3. Not even a link to the McFly go camping spread in Attitude in this thread? The times they really are a-changin'.
  4. Love Is Easy and their hits thing seems like way longer than a year ago! So ready for more music. Hopefully because they've taken their time this will be an era that's got them all guns blazing. However, I'm not sure Love Is On The Radio is the right direction on first listen..
  5. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Well that didn't happen.
  6. Preview of the music video for Love Is On The Radio:

  7. McFly and Busted (minus Charlie) are going on tour together!

    Can't seem to embed videos into my post.

    Back to the album: a shame it's taken so long. I'm sure I read in 2011 that it was due out in summer 2012! Then summer 2013, then autumn/winter 2013 and now spring 2014.

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  8. Who'd have thought they'd turn to a disbanded pop group for relevance? (I much preferred their nude photoshoot strategy).

    I'm sure the tour will do well and this album will sell a decent amount (in its first week). I always find myself wanting to like their music more than I actually enjoy it.
  9. And now apparently they "don't know" when their album will be out.

    Although they do acknowledge that some of us are desperate for it!

    Also, Love Is On The Radio is #10 on iTunes!
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  10. Urgh, I need it soon.
  11. According to Celebritain:

    I'm not surprised, but assuming they'll release new McBusted music in 2014, it's better than no new music at all.
  12. Love on the radio reminds me of I've Never Felt Like This Before by Shaznay Lewis.
  13. It really will need to be a full album though, it's been forever since the last proper McFly album.
  14. MB


    So they're back - doing a tour in June - 4 venues, 3 nights at each - playing every song they've recorded! Strange but unique concept!
  15. Good grief, that would be an exhaustive experience, they have tonnes of songs to get through. Is there any information about an album though?
  16. I'm not a fan of theirs at all (unless they/Harry is appearing in Attitude) but for fans that's a great idea. Tickets would want to be cheap though.
  17. £32.50+fees for a one show ticket.
    £96.50+fees for the '3 shows in one city' ticket

    I'd say I'm a pretty casual McFly fan but I have a phase every so often where I listen to them quite heavily so know an awful lot of the album tracks and was tempted by this. But over £100 for the full experience seems a bit much. Think I'll stick to the Radio:ACTIVE/Above the Noise night!
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