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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. I think those prices are reasonable for what it is actually, but I wouldn't spend £100 myself to see them three nights in a row. As I said that just seems really exhausting and I'm sure by the time I arrived for night two I'd just be wishing I wasn't wasting my time listening to yet more McFly haha. Their diehard fans certainly will go for it though so I'm sure it'll be a success and certainly this tour seems to be all about fan-service so it's those fans they want to target.
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  2. What a brilliant idea!

    How I would love for some of my favourite artists to do something like this. Can you imagine a Girls Aloud style one? Then again, I couldn't see a big turn out for the Sound of The Underground night.
  3. I'm not a fan but that's an amazing idea for a tour. £100 for that is a steal!
  4. They have a new live album out, Anthology (The Hits Live), 67 iTunes exclusive album, a £125 box with exclusive merch in also.

    Honestly, I've listened the (The Hits) version of the album on Spotify, but i've got their DVDs, CD's with all the songs on anyway so there is only a handful of non single songs that I want to listen to as I've heard 5 Colours live soon many times, infact all the songs from (The Hits) album is on their Royal Albert Hall album but they are only on Apple and i not longer have an account so.... yeah.

    That being said, I'm not willing to pay £18 for a few non single songs of the 67 track album. It should of been a freebie in my mind as a thank you and sorry for another live album and no album 6!
  5. It's hard to understand why people are still here for them in 2016. Sheer inertia? Lord knows Brits love their institutions but eh. They need a massive image and sound overhaul.
  6. I was hoping for a standalone DVD of the Anthology tour instead of a live album and an expensive box set!

    I started this thread 3 years ago and I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for the elusive album 6!
  7. I understand the Anthology project to remind their fans that they are returning and it's just a quite nice idea to play all of the songs off your albums. The box set at least looks quite good, if not a bit pricey.

    They really need to have that 6th album out in Q1/Q2 2017 though, the wait has been ridiculous.
  8. I feel like nothings going to happen any time soon. Tom's too wrapped up in this Christmasaurus thing, and has a live show coming December 2017 for it that he's writing and starring in. If anything does happen it'll be short lived again.
  9. The wait has been about as long as the wait for MKS's album!
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  11. So when are they getting their kit off next?
  12. Good on Dougie.
  13. I hope never.
    #only_fans is right there if you want to look at random white boys.
  14. McFly start writing a new album in the summer.
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  15. Do we know what even happened to the album they were working on around 2013? It seemed they were all set to release something with Love Is On The Radio but didn't. Is it really as simple as McBusted taking over?
  16. I’ll believe it when I see a pre-order.

    It’s been a constant “oh yes we are working on a new album” for years. To be honest they don’t care about their fans and only really care about money. They will happily tour their back catalogue and promise new music in order to make some quick cash.

    It’s a real shame given that years ago they prided themselves on their talent and writing their own music.
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  17. Which hopefully means a new Attitude shoot will follow shortly after.
  18. It’s weird how Westlife have split up and got back together in less time than it’s taken to release Album 6.

    They should of released it when planned in early 2014 (they literally had it ready to go then they decided to do McBusted) - I remember when they played a lot of the new songs on the tour and they sounded pretty good, Red and Touch The Rain were the ones I was looking forward to hearing
  19. The reunion is off again. Seems to be a mix of things. They simply haven't made studio plans, don't want to come close to burning out again and... They don't think they'd be cool with the younger generation if they came back.
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  20. What a shame. I really don't envision them ever coming back - at least not as a McFly, they've left it too long for that now. Perhaps we'll see another McBusted inspired supergroup one day with a few of the members from both bands.
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