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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Two months to sell the O2 seems a little risky, no?

    I always find acts like McFly fascinating – objectively very successful back in their prime, but the actual pop culture impact they've had has been minimal. I've really no idea how popular they are, and I'm not sure they're at the same kind of nostalgic peak as Busted were when they came back.
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  2. I always felt McBusted was a huge mistake for McFly... I think had they not done the supergroup things would be very different for them today
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  3. At the time, it felt much more beneficial to Busted, and it really seemed to interfere with McFly’s plans. A huge misstep for McFly, but a good one for Busted!
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  4. This is news to me. What rifts?
  5. No idea to be honest. In the press conference they seemed to suggest their friendships have just been difficult at times post-McBusted tour.
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  6. That's sad. They always seemed genuinely close.
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  7. I think I remember hearing a while ago that one of them didn’t want to do the Busted supergroup.
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  8. I don’t think anyone did! I guess they thought that combined they would be a greater force
  9. First song out Sunday (maybe they’ve been away so long they forgot about the current charting days)... anyway it’s Red, which is something I’ve looked forward to hearing for a long long time now!

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  10. It's great to see them looking and sounding so enthusiastic. I haven't heard Red live before, so excited to hear it when it's released as it'll be totally new to me.
  11. I got the impression that it started out as a bit of fun, but after it got such a positive response it was put to them that commercially it would be a better bet than releasing their own album. I'm not mad about it because the McBusted gig I went to was one of the most fun nights of my life, but it did seem to derail things massively for McFly.
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  12. Oh I agree, a great concert - I didn’t like the McBusted album it felt like a step back for them though. I do wonder why things never started up again after Anthology Tour as that did quite well for them.
  13. Definitely. There were a few great tracks on there but overall it felt more like a Busted album, and a half arsed one at that.
  14. I didn’t care for McBusted that much either. I liked a few of the songs but I think a track or two would have been enough.
  15. I don’t wanna sound rude but can they fill a stadium in 2019...? I love their music but I never followed them that close.

    That video showing their achievements surprised me, I didn’t know they were that big.
  16. The O2 sold out in a matter of minutes.

    I sense a full UK arena tour could be on the horizon in Spring 2020.
  17. O2 isn’t a stadium, but they couldn’t fill a stadium. Arena, yeah they always have
  18. Thank you! All my life I've been thinking the O2 was a stadium for some reason.
  19. Red is out at 5pm - must be a free song as that’s such a random release time / day!
  20. I think they said it's going to be available on streaming platforms, so I imagine it'll be available in all the usual places too like Spotify, Apple Music, as well as iTunes and Amazon. It's a very weird release day/time though.
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