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McFly - Young Dumb Thrills

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Mar 9, 2012.

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  2. Touch The Rain is coming out tonight too.
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  3. Loving the new tracks. They really suit this direction and it does feel like a natural progression for them
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  5. Here they are!

    Plus Episode 2 of The Lost Songs video series:

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  6. Same here. It's almost as if Above the Noise never happened and this is the album they made after Radioactive. Such a shame it never got a proper release.
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  7. I was excited to listen to Red after the first episode of their new YouTube series but Touch The Rain is the one - so gorgeous.
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  8. Another announcement on the One Show tonight. More dates? An album?
  9. They are touring May 2020
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  11. Definitely going to try and get tickets. They're so good live.
  12. My mate’s trying to get O2 Priority tickets for the Wembley show on the 8th of May but when she tries to get more than 2 (she wants 4) it says ‘unavailable’. *sad face*

    Anyone able to make it work or know how to get around this?
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  13. I'd imagine there just aren't 4 seats together available. It's selling very quickly. Maybe suggest she tries general sale (or a different presale if she can?).
  14. It’s working now. Didn’t realise McFly tickets were in such high demand... Thanks @claire_louise!
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  15. Glasgow presale sold out incredibly quickly. I had no idea they were still in such high demand as a group.

    When they did the Anthology Tour in 2016, we got tickets for 2 nights on the day of each one and they were nowhere near sold out. Not to mention those were in Academy venues as opposed to arenas.
  16. OMFG I managed to get OMFG tickets today.
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  17. Exciting! I couldn't stretch that far but got some decent seats near the front. I'm happy as it's pretty much sold out already.
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