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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    I know it was a joke but I would just LOVE her to do the Who's That Girl look again!

  2. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    1.American Life
    3.Confessions on a Dancefloor
    4.Ray of Light
    5.Bedtime Stories
    6.Like A Prayer
    8.True Blue
    9.Like A Virgin
    10.The First Album
    11.Hard Candy
  3. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    01. American Life
    02. Ray Of Light
    03. Music
    04. Bedtime Stories
    05. Confessions On A Dance Floor
    06. Erotica
    07. Madonna
    08. Like A Prayer
    09. Like A Virgin
    10. True Blue
    11. The Dire One
  4. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    This should probably go in the List-making thread, but oh well...

    1. American Life
    2. Madonna
    3. Ray of Light
    4. Confessions On A Dance Floor
    5. Hard Candy
    6. Erotica
    7. Like a Prayer
    8. Bedtime Stories
    9. Music
    10. True Blue
    11. Like a Virgin

    I should have known I wasn't welcome...
  5. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Like a Virgin is quite shit, isn't it? The singles are some of her best though.
  6. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Thank God I'm not the only one. I adore the singles, particularly Dress You Up, but the non-singles are just so bland.
  7. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Blasphemy. Stay and Over & Over are AMAZING! Even Shoo Be Do is quite the gem ;)
  8. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Stay is about two minutes too long and Over & Over is repetitive rubbish. Shoo Be Do is poorly written, poorly produced...I just cannot with the non-singles. Such a disappointment after the amazingness of Think Of Me, Physical Attraction and I Know It.
  9. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    My Madonna taste is kind of strange...

    01. Ray Of Light
    02. Bedtime Stories
    03. Music
    04. Confessions On A Dancefloor
    05. Erotica
    06. Like A Virgin
    07. Madonna
    08. Like A Prayer
    09. American Life
    10. True Blue
    11. Hard Candy
  10. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Can't resist a list.

    1. Ray of Light
    2. Confessions On A Dance Floor
    3. American Life
    4. Erotica
    5. Like a Prayer
    6. Music
    7. Madonna
    8. Like a Virgin
    9. True Blue
    10. Bedtime Stories
    11. Hard Candy
  11. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Yes. But I also love Shoo-Be-Doo. Other songs are awful.

    Is there anyone else who absolutely hates Express Yourself? I feel like only Madonna fan in the world who doesn't like that song and never did fully understand the hype about it.
  12. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    I certainly don't hate it, just think it's very ordinary.

    I'm usually really surprised that many people seem very fond of True Blue. Okay, Papa Don't Preach, La Isla Bonita and Live To Tell are fantastic but the rest is quite poor.
  13. Rmx


    Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    I think most of Madonna's older music is a complete non-event to be honest. Holiday, Papa Don't Preach, Express Yourself all sound quite bland to me. Even Like A Prayer gets quite dull after the intro. I do like some of her older songs though... Like A Virgin, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita. But they're still not nearly as good as her later work if you ask me.
  14. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    NME seems to think the album is called 'LUV', has this been discussed?
  15. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Post Ray Of Light/Confessions fan alert!!!!!

    Like A Virgin is her most music by numbers album without a doubt. I dont think anyone would ever put Like A Virgin or Material Girl on their stereo...They are her gimmick songs and too over referenced.

    Stay is great as is Over & Over..never cared for Love Dont Live Here Anymore but it was Madonna's favourite song and the whole album had that slight Motown vibe (hence Shoo-Be-Doo -bit Diana Ross, Stay- very supremes-ish, Material Girl references The Jacksons Can You Feel It, She stuck a bit of Billie Jean in Like A Virgin on tour..I think they were playing off the fact that radio had assumed she was black and had a black sounding voice...which i still find bizzare....most of the tracks Nile did were based on old Chic warm up jams...they why they sound so simplistic and repetitive groove based.

    Stay was another first album left over...I think Angel is the hidden gem on the album....Completely shanghaied by Into The Groove which apparently was also written at the same time as the first album. The demo had the same sound and it sits better with that Material. Clever people at Warner should have Made sure Crazy For You and Gambler were secured for the album ....Crazy for You is the ballad that album lacks....

    It was a very messy time to be a fan...I had no idea what was going on.

    Like A Virgin single and Material Girl were released..
    two months later we got Crazy For You..(which wasn't on the album),
    four weeks later Into the Groove dropped (which wasn't on the album)
    four weeks after that Holiday was released (Which wasn't on the album) and she was number 1&2 on the UK charts.
    Four weeks later Angel was released (OK we're back to the album)...err but where's the video..I think it would have been the most beautiful of the era if it had happened.
    Four weeks later Gambler was released (which wasn't on the album)
    Eight weeks later Dress You Up was released (oh she's on tour....Oh she's not coming to the UK)
    Four weeks later Borderline was released (hang on a minute? this isn't on the album...what's going on)
    As a very confused 10 yr old I finally relealised she had already released Madonna - The First album..So I bough that and fell in love with Lucky Star, Burning Up, Everybody and Physical Attraction.....and lo and behold
    4 weeks later Live To Tell dropped and she'd cut off all her bloody hair and grown up.....
    It was too much for this white woman!!
    and people think Rihanna shits em out
  16. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    So I'm not the only one...

    True Blue is, for me, by far her worst album (yes, I prefer Hard Candy) and I don't understand why it's praised like it is. Except for the 3 titles quoted here, all the rest is pretty unlistenable, even Open Your Heart is crap.

    I was so disappointed at the time, I could not believe my ears, after the complete triumph the first album was for me (and still is).

    I bought the 2001 re-sissue, thinking I would, perhaps, change my mind and see the light, but sadly no.
  17. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    True Blue was the album that made me a fan (Papa Don't Preach specifically) so I'm really fond of it. It's pure pop, and Madonna did it better than anyone. It was also a time when she was like a Goddess, beyond famous and totally inaccessible.
  18. Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Yes, but it makes the gap with True Blue's musical poverty more obvious.

    Such a huge pop stardom... and such a poor album.

    And I don't think True Blue is bad because it's pure pop (I love pure pop Madonna)... just because it's... bad (pure) pop.
  19. Ray


    Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    I'll be very unoriginal with #1 and #11...

    01. Ray Of Light
    02. Like A Prayer

    03. True Blue
    04. Erotica

    05. Bedtime Stories
    06. Like A Virgin
    07. Confessions On A Dancefloor
    08. Music
    09. American Life

    10. Madonna

    11. Turd Candy
  20. RJF


    Re: Madonna - 12th Studio Album

    Surely Hard Turd would be a better title.
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