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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. EXCEPT according to the pre-order of 'MDNA' (standard) on iTunes, there isn't 15 tracks on the standard edition:

    01 Girls Gone Wild
    02 Gang Bang
    03 I'm Addicted
    04 Some Girls
    05 I Don't Give A
    06 Turn Up The Radio
    07 Give Me All Your Luvin'
    08 B-day Song
    09 Superstar
    10 I'm A Sinner
    11 Masterpiece
    12 Falling Free
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The standard edition cover is amazing! Love it more than the deluxe.
  3. Tickets for the last US tour were:
    $350 Floor and Lower Level
    $150-200 Lower Level/Mid Level
    $85-150 Upper level
    $45-65 Upper level obstructed view
  4. keep in mind that the best tickets aren't usually released right away. also, more dates are usually added (especially to major cities like chicago, NYC, LA)
  5. I really hope the 2 unconfirmed tracks for the deluxe iTunes pre-order etc. turn out to be 2 actual new songs rather than remixes. Then we'd have 17 tracks total, and apparently only 18 or 19 were even recorded/mixed/finished. We'll basically have all the stuff Madge wanted on the album, but perhaps couldn't fit. I'm really hoping we get her version of 'Kids' (the Fleshtone leftover).
  6. I'll be going to the Chicago as well....with my aunt. But shit, she's paying!
  7. god, the north american dates are so far off!
  8. We all need to have a Chicago meet-up or something. And have your magnanimous aunt pay for all our concert tickets.
  9. LMAO! She keeps texting me and she now said "I WILL PAY $400 TOPS!!!".

    This woman has never seen Madonna live and is like "I need to see her before she's dried up and old!" lmfao

    I went to the Confessions and Sticky & Sweet Tour and paid $100 for my nosebleeds.
  10. She only wants to pay for half of a seat?

    I officially need to meet your aunt.
  11. Wait, so it's confirmed she's coming to Australia? What price are you guys all paying? I better start scrimping away my pennies.
  12. I prefer the standard edition cover of MDNA infinitely more over the deluxe. The colors aren't as wild yes, but I think keeping it to just the red and blue makes them more powerful. And then when it's in the jewel case, oh lawd..,
  13. Hmm not a fan of the standard cover, it look likes a fans attempt to match the deluxe version. And for the tour, due to a few trips I have planned I just cannot afford to get tickets this month. I should have left the first six months wide open just in case! What a knob. What are my chances of getting some in march you think?
  14. I absolutely adore the new cover.

    It shows how it was not photoshopped by actually shot beneath the glass surface: her hands, which are touching the surface, appear much less distorted than the rest.

    I also prefer the colours on this one, with less magenta tones.

    AND she is wearing a dress, no underpants in sight!! I would have never believed this if someone had told me only a few weeks ago.
  15. It's confirmed! My life is complete.
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    So not fair, London is the closest.
  17. Rihanna is a stan of this era!
  18. What exactly is she saying though?
  19. Has Madonna ever not referenced herself?
  20. TJ


    Ugh, I'm such a fool. Fell asleep and missed the limited pre-order deadline for the iTunes Deluxe. Now it's available for £11.99 rather than the £7.99 it was for the limited time, still comes with with the LMFAO remix and the second bonus track but no longer has the third pre-order only bonus track.

    HMV physical pre-order it is since it's cheaper I guess and I'll see what the iTunes bonus tracks are on release day... what do you think they'll be? Remixes or two new songs?
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