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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Opinion you don't agree with=being high?....Okay then....and the constant pulse and bass on every other beat reminds me of Hold It Against Me. Not that I'm throwing around copying accusations because Gang Bang seems original and different enough to hold it's own.
  2. It's very trancey and I love that she dared to do something like that. The last similar thing she did was perhaps 'Skin'? The vocals don't sound too Madonna-ish though. But well, finally something dark on this album.

    The vocals on this album seem to sound very varied according to the different producers, we had better already get used to that.
  3. I thought it sounded like Skin too, Little L!!
  4. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    It seems that every track is different from each other.
    I couldn't care less if it's going to be a flop or it's far from her best.
    And I love how every review has its highlight track.
    The DNA of Madonna: shit~ singles, amazing~ album tracks.
    It's a fucking CLASSIC Madonna album in many ways.
    All Hail the Queen!
  5. Since when is it in Madonna's DNA to have shit singles?
  6. This is the first song from this campaign that doesn't remind me of something she has already done. It does sound trance-y like Skin, but that's all. It's quite refreshing.
  7. Either that or a bit How High-ish, just more uptempo. Maybe Orbit made her reference Skin production wise though, now that's a good inspiration.
    Since the title is 'Gang Bang' it won't be a single anyway I'd guess.
  8. Give Me All Your Luvin - meh
    Girl Gone Wild - Yes
    Masterpiece - Yes
    I'm Addicted - Hell, yes
    Love Spent - Oh, yeah
    Gang Bang - Hell, yes
  9. Your forgetting about the the snippet of "Turn Up The Radio"...

    Give Me All Your Luvin' - Meh
    Girl Gone Wild - Yes
    Turn Up The Radio - Yes
    Masterpiece - Yes
    I'm Addicted - YES
    Love Spent - YES
    Gang Bang - YES

    Any of these would have been better lead singles than "Give Me All Your Luvin'".
  10. Oh, 'Turn Up the Radio' gets a "YES" from me.
  11. Yay the last two clips have restored my faith. Gang bang sounds amazing really.
  12. LJB


    Gang Bang actually left me jaw-dropped.

    It's like something pissed her off after her 'Swim' and she's gone all 'Die Another Day' homicidal. It sounds better than a big portion of Confessions.

    And to think she ends up screaming and shouting on this? Thank you Godonna. This is my jam for 2012.
  13. Give Me All Your Luvin' - Meh
    Girl Gone Wild - YES
    Turn Up The Radio - YES
    Masterpiece - Meh
    I'm Addicted - YES
    Love Spent - YES
    Gang Bang - YES
  14. "It sounds better than a big portion of Confessions."


    The 3 snippets (and Girl Gone Wild) are amazing, but Gang Bang is my favorite so far.
  15. How can anyone judge the last snippet - the quality is beyond bad?!
  16. I'm definitely swapping girls gone wild for the remix from the clip video. With a bit of luck she'll do the same be nice to have it HQ.
  17. Of all the songs on the album I did not expect 'Gang Bang' to be the song that the forum gets behind.
  18. Oh you thought we'd prefer to be on the receiving end?
  19. I still can't get over Gang Bang. It seriously has the potential of becoming one of my favorite Madonna songs ever. It's totally left field and not what I expected after I heard the reviews. It sounds like it would be a hard song to explain.
  20. The 3 clips sound brilliant, I think Love Spent might be my favourite.
    I do hope there is a bit more to Gang Bang, like the clip might be the first chorus and then it builds up on the next.
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