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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  2. Haha, a little biased sounding, no?
  3. He's the biggest name in Italian music journalism? It reads like he wrote that review in crayon on the back of a napkin, drunk.
  4. He's hardly the biggest name in 'Italian music journalism' (as if such a thing even EXISTED in this country), he just happens to write for the most popular newspaper here. Which is good enough for the album.

    EDIT: that said, the translation is quite clunky. The original reads slightly less ridiculous, eg 'beautiful' should be 'good'.
  5. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    If it was a negative review no one would have any problem with it.

    "Deal", etc.
  6. Any review which mentions Lady Gaga is instantly dismissed from my mind. I just can't take seriously anyone who makes such a dull, obvious – and most of all, hugely irrelevant – comparison.

    Is that all there is to say about Madonna these days? That she's better/not as good as Lady Gaga? Oh, sorry, of course there is: SHE'S OLD, EVERYONE.
  7. He's a little bit exaggerating. Not just a little bit, but yeah.
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I also hate reviews that go 'The Queen is back, throne is her again bla bla'. Ru Paul is everywhere.
  9. I remain highly sceptical about this album.

    Every single "review" I've read so far just sound like desperate fan-boy rationalisations, poorly written, including juvenile references ("better than the nu gorlzz"), and hold very little substance besides "oh I like this song, and this one too... The Kween is back!!"

    I mean, it stands to reason that Madonna has gathered a huge fan base over the years, many of whom are involved in the creative industries, and over the course of the years have risen to being the primary pop reviewers available. But a lot of them just sound like idiots. The publications should have really sent more alternative members of staff (a heavy metal/jazz specialist?) so that we would be subjected to a more level-headed response.

    I'm not meaning to sound bitter, and they may be correct. But I find it near impossible to listen to the utter damp squibs of Gimme/Girl/Masterpiece and then believe I'm about to be graced with "the new Erotica/Ray of Light".
  10. There have been enough reviews that say this is a great new Madonna - album, without making it the new 'Ray Of Light/Erotica'.

    And the times the "Queen -line" is used is mostly when it's referenced from I Don't Give A ****.

    I get that your skeptical and that's your right and privilege but I think most reviews have been level-headed.
    Most of them had a disclaimer they only heard the album once or twice.
    Most of them don't say it's a masterpiece of an album.
    Most of them say it's a great album with some missteps.
  11. I know this album will bring world peace to the clubs. Stan Wars will end. People will dance as one. Only The Queen can do this for us all.
  12. It's weird, on some level I think music critics really really want a Madonna album to be great (just as film critics opposingly sharpen their knives at everything she does) - maybe it's because the critics working today grew up with her, maybe it's because she's just too central and important in the pop consciousness (more than anyone now with Michael gone) to fail; the pop universe just doesn't feel right or balanced when Madonna is releasing shit stuff, when she's not being Important, when she's operating on a lower level than all those that she's inspired. For all the vitriol she constantly inspires, music critics quite desperately want her to (still) be something.
  13. My excitement for this album is currently on an all time high, I love how the artwork we've seen blends so well with the clips, it sounds like a complete head trip of a record and a return to form for Madonna, an album that's been thought out instead of slapped together, something we haven't seen since Confessions.
  14. Did they confirm what the Itunes pre order deluxe bonus track would be?
  15. Acoustic Love Spent - prepare to be amazed!
  16. Thanks for that. Is it going to be an album only affair I wonder... Wouldn't mind cancelling as already have physical normal and deluxe on order
  17. Her Facebook page today had a post asking fans to vote for the song they would most like to hear on the Madonna Tour off, wait for it... 'Like A Virgin'. How random! Wish it was Erotica or American Life instead
  18. That is random indeed. And now we've had Dress You Up, is there really much clamour for *any* of the Virgin songs to be performed live? I guess everyone could pick Material Girl just to annoy her if she still dislikes the idea of performing it... Otherwise, what, Angel?

    Frankly, the only song that would be even vaguely exciting for me would be Stay, and I can't imagine that'll be a huge vote winner.
  19. Argh, why? We already had that on the last two tours, well at least on both the tour DVDs. Okay its a good song but again, really?
  20. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Reviewers who mention Gaga are just stupid.
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