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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Ugh - one chance to actually get a song never performed before and all the freaky fans go out and vote for.... Like a Virgin.........

    Angel, Pretender or Stay you idiots!!!!!!
  2. It's not really Like a Virgin, but I'd kill for Gambler to get an airing.
  3. This album can leak now - I´m ready!
  4. It's sad that we're not on the point of leakage yet.

    First there still needs to be a wave of "I think it's going to leak today", then we need to go through the "WHEN THE FUCK WILL IT LEAK" - desperation - cloud and then finally when we are in the "I give up, I'll just wait 'til my copy arrives" - phase, it shall leak.
  5. Always the most exciting part of every album campaign!
  6. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    It will be very good if Interscope hold off the leak until, say, a week before the release. I want to have a leak party like with Born This Way and Loud!
  7. Am I the only one that feels it's too early for a week? I could easily go another 5 days before freaking the hell out (though with new clips by this next weekend I'd probably be a mess). I'd like it to leak a little closer to the release date.

    ...And anyone with a brain will choose 'Angel' for the Like A Virgin setlist selection. The title track is exhausted, and sadly there's no chance of the amazing 'Over And Over' winning.

    For those curious as to why there's a poll regarding the 'Like A Virgin' album specifically - there was an earlier poll asking about the self-titled album as well ('Borderline' won rightly, obviously). I think she'll be performing a track off of each of her albums for this tour. What I hate about these polls, however, is that it's always the most popular singles being voted on by the fans. I'd love to hear some obscure album track for once...

    That said, she can skip over 'Hard Candy' and 'American Life' entirely and I wouldn't be upset at all. Replace those songs with more 'MDNA' tracks, or an extra 'Erotica'/'Ray of Light'/'Confessions' track!
  8. She already did Borderline last time pleeease noooo!!!!
  9. ...But it still beats 'Holiday' and 'Lucky Star', which were the 2nd and 3rd winners. I have to say, though, that 'Lucky Star' mixed with 'Hung Up' on the Confessions Tour was incredible.
  10. Anyway - whats the difference between waiting for a leak and the official release date , other than you don't want to pay for it??
  11. My votes: Physical Attraction and Over and Over, but I'll be happy if Angel wins the second poll. Like a Virgin, really?
  12. Well normally when you anticipate something, you'd like to have it early. That's my logic. I mean, if I'm getting it anyway, why can't I just enjoy it a few days/weeks earlier?
  13. You typically wait longer for the release date?

    Then again, if you are buying the album... some people argue that the "experience" of listening to an album for the first time is diminished if you're not sitting down with the full packaging, paying attention to every supplemental aspect of the album made for the customer. I suppose there's also that excitement of sitting down with a physical copy of an album (or I guess even a digital copy) without knowing what any of the songs sound like before it's legally released.

    Those are just my guesses, though. I don't remember the last time I waited until an album's release date to listen. I have no self-control, haha... *sighs*
  14. So Superstar for single four and then Love Spent as a half-hearted Miles Away-like fifth single?
    I'm all for it. Masterpiece as much as I like it can stay a UK only single.


    Even before there was this poll I thought about her performing "Angel". So that's the one.
    If we were able to vote for a Madonna album / True Blue / Ray of Light / Music album track, now that would be cool.
    Hopefully there will also be Open Your Heart.
    There's actually many tracks I'd love to see live. Like it or not but one of them is Beautiful Stranger. And Physical Attraction. And ...
  15. Some people here are funny... They are so negative they try to find excuses for why the reviews are positive. They just can't accept people like the album, because they are not happy with the direction Madonna is taking her career.
  16. Exactly. I was just thinking about this. I'd say my votes from each album are:

    Borderline, Over & Over, Live to Tell, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Justify My Love (by default~), Waiting (unlikely)/Erotica (album mix)/Rain, Human Nature/Bedtime Story, Sky Fits Heaven, Impressive Instant, Die Another Day, Get Together/Forbidden Love/Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Mix)

    I really don't want anything from 'Lard Candy', though if I had to choose I'd pick Miles Away or She's Not Me.

    I need to make my dream setlist or something... *swoon*
  17. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I loved that remix too, I hope it's true!
  18. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Hahaha Madonna and Offer Nissim on stage together. It's probably happening only inside Offer's mind, but why not add Amanda Lepore and have the ULTIMATE GIRLBAND onstage?
  19. I couldn't be more excited for this album. I've done my ritual of re-discovering Madonna's back catalog. I do this every time she's about to release a new album. At the moment I'm really digging American Life. I think it may be my third favorite album of hers?
  20. I´ve done exactly the same last week. MDNA can come!
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