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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. I pick Shoo Bee Doo or Angel off Like A Virgin -- or Over and Over.

    I want a beautiful ballad from her back catalogue also.
  2. Spanish Eyes!!!!!
  3. You'll See!!!!!! Amaze!
  4. I would be totally content & happy if she performed either 'Spanish Eyes' or 'You'll See'. Both totally flawless.

    Re: going back through her catalogue, I've been doing the same thing in the last two weeks! Regarding 'American Life', it's always left a bitter taste in my mouth, but I rediscovered it, listened to it in its entirety, and I'm now enjoying it. Some songs I like more than others (Nothing Fails, Mother And Father, X-Static Process), but it's a good album, if not her best.

    I've personally been listening to a lot of Erotica and Confessions.
  5. The Power of Goodbye!! It's been a while.
    Okay or You'll See.
  6. MJH


    Anybody heard the Hex Hector remix of The Power of Goodbye?
  7. I don't know if I could handle M performing 'The Power of Goodbye'. I'm pretty sure I'd have a breakdown in the middle of the arena.
  8. I heard some horrendous performances of Power Of Goodbye in 1998...I thibk its a bit out of her range....

    I think You'll See would Blow my head apart.
  9. God, I cannot wait for this album!
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    American Life is perhaps her best album! We just had a massive appreciation for Nothing Fails elsewhere on the forum, but I can't resist speaking about it. It's beautiful.
  11. She isn't good on Power of Goodbye live, I agree. You'll See I would love.
  12. I wouldn't mind it if it's a good remix that doesn't ruin the song.
    But how would she be good on You'll See if her live vocals aren't all that any more?

    Anyways that Girl Gone Wild Nissim Remix sounds great if not a bit Kaballah like. I see why she loves it. Imagine that as the opening song for the tour followed by Impressive Instant and Turn Up The Radio. Wishful, wishful thinking though.
  13. American Life is an excellent album.

    Music, on the other hand....
  14. What, really...? I can listen to 'Music' in its entirety! It's fantastic (and underrated amongst M fans).

    I've decided I'll be tacking on the Offer Nissim remix of 'Girl Gone Wild' to the end of my iTunes version of MDNA! It's just so good.

    Are you all including the Party Rock Remix of 'Give Me All Your Luvin' on your iTunes version of MDNA or are you just letting the album finish on Best Friend?
  15. Power of goodbye of take a bow I fear will never be performed on tour. She did quite a good job performing you'll see on the drowned world tour
  16. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    She once said she won't sing these ballads (like Take A Bow and The Power Of Good-Bye) on tour because it sounds like a "farewell".
  17. I expect a few of the singles she performed on the second leg of 'Sticky and sweet' will re-appear, but with more 'oomph'. I really would love to hear 'Dress you up' as I didn't go to leg 2. I bet 'Holiday' will be back, hopefully 'Frozen' as well.

    I reckon:

    Dress you up/Material girl (mash up with 'Give me..)
    Open your heart
    Like a prayer, plus maybe 'Express yourself'
    Deeper and deeper
    Ray of light (as per) maybe with 'Frozen' joining it
    Music (as per, but LMFAO'd up) and perhaps 'Don't tell me'
    I'd hazard she'll leave out 'American life' and Hard candy'
    She best bring 'Hung up' back in it's full disco stompin' glory and 'Sorry' too.
  18. Music is one of her top three albums no?? Come on, she set the blue print for 00s pop with that album...

    I really want her to do Cherish maybe mixed with Incredible from Hard Candy, both beautiful pop songs but alas, probably no :o(
  19. So no new snippet today?
  20. Just realised there really arent that many songs I havent seen her perform live....hope I'm not bored at the show.

    The MDNA songs are what i'm looking forward to the most!
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