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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. YES! I need Cherish - I understand it may mix well with "Superstar"
  2. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Tomorrow, I think!
  3. Me too! I hope she performs a lot of them, she has 16 to choose from!

    And I think we get the first of 3 new snippets tomorrow! What do you all want it to be? I'm hoping for 'I Don't Give A', 'Superstar' or 'I Fucked Up'...

    Actually... give me 'B-Day Song' since I'm least looking forward to that one.
  4. Yes Music is probably my second favourite Madonna album.. if not my favourite!!

    And yeah I am including the Party Rock Remix it is bangin for me it replaces the normal version of Give Me All Ya Luvin..
  5. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I think we can split up the "best albums" into two categories:

    Critics: Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light and Music.
    Fans: Erotica, American Life and Confessions On A Dance Floor.
  6. I wouldn´t mind to get I Am A Sinner or Beautiful Killer (I have always liked Beautiful Stranger), they got good reviews.
  7. She should mainly be doing MDNA songs, some classics that perhaps haven't been performed in a while (Open Your Heart, Express Yourself etc.) about 2 random 80's tracks, a bit from the Music and post-Music era, one ballad (no remix if it's Frozen) and nothing from Hard Candy. Hung Up either in it's Confessions form or not at all.

    I wonder what the final song will be. Music LMFAO remix from the Superbowl?
  8. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    For some reason, I think Runaway Lover, Impressive Instant and Amazing sound like the MDNA lost tracks.
  9. Those are my 3 favorites off the 'Music' album, so, if that's the case then MDNA should be the greatest album of all time.
  10. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Runaway Lover has a crap intro but when it really begins, it's amazing.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    These are my WORST on Music. They ruin the album for me.

    On the other hand, Gone, Paradise, Nobody's Perfect, I Deserve It and What It Feels Like For A Girl are among my favourite Madonna moments ever. I adore them so much.

    And Music & Don't Tell Me are how you do upbeat pop without forgetting hooks, choruses and nice bits.
  12. Oh Vas. They are my three FAVOURITES from 'Music.' How could you not love them?

    Play them REALLY loud whilst driving. They're incredible.
  13. Cyber-Raga for the win.
  14. Wow, really? The trifecta off that album for me is What It Feels Like For a Girl/Paradise/Gone.
    I am embarrassed to say how many times I have listened to that grouping over and over and over again.
  15. I don't get the Gambler love, but then, again, I've only listened to it maybe twice. No love from me.
  16. 'Nobody's Perfect,' 'Impressive Instant' 'Amazing,' 'Runaway Lover' and 'Paradise' are five of her most stunning songs ever recorded. How none of them ended up being singles I will never know.
  17. I adore Spanish Eyes these days, but does she have the present-day vocals to pull it off? Her vocals are so unique on that song and I love them.
  18. Oh YES. That's the Psychedelic-Donna I love. If I'm A Sinner is only close to that, wow.
    'Amazing' isn't amazing. But 'I Deserve It' is. The same can be said about the album's first three and last four tracks.
  19. Not sure if this ha beenposted - from Madonnarama

    MDNA Singles and Remixes – Superstar, Turn up the Radio, Masterpiece and Girl Gone Wild

    Interscope and Polydor are really giving it their all for Madonna’s upcoming album MDNA.

    We can reveal that remixes for “Turn up the Radio”, “Masterpiece” and “Superstar” are currently being commissioned. Love Spent is also being considered but nothing confirmed yet.

    Madonnarama has also learned that a lot of remixers have been contacted for “Girl Gone Wild”. Here is the first batch…

    Girl Gone Wild (Dave Aude Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Kim Fai Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Lucky Date Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Offer Nissim Remix)

    Read more:
  20. I simply cannot wait for I'm Addicted.

    I have lost interest in Girl Gone Wild, but, color me crazy, GAYLuvin' has creeped up on me. I am kind of enjoying it.
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