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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Let's be honest with ourselves... every song on 'Music' is a 4/5.

    The only reason 'Ray of Light', 'Erotica', & 'Confessions' are above it (in that order) is because they all have stratospheric highs. 'Music' just remains consistent.

    'Music' and 'Bedtime Stories' are currently in limbo for my #4/5 slots on my Madonna album ranking.
  2. Runaway Lover, Impressive Instant, Amazing, Music and Don't Tell Me are the best songs on "Music".
  3. Can you guys stop talking about other albums in here? This is the MDNA thread, there's a general Madonna topic for the rest.
  4. Um, anyway, I'm looking forward to 'Best Friend'.
  5. LJB


    The middle 8 of Amazing makes me want to cry. It's that good. Those soaring electric guitar riffs over that beat. Euphoria, without being all 'All The Lovers' LOOK AT ME I AM A EUPHORIC BREAKDOWN OOOOH!!! SO EUPHORIC.
  6. That's really great and all but this is the MDNA thread.
  7. There are so many mods on this thread it is insane.
  9. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Thread closed.
  10. Can all the pretend moderators and all the people making fun of the pretend moderators just shut the hell up?

    There are people who would like to view this thread without getting a headache.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    COTTON EYE JOE please.
  12. American Life? PLEASE be American Life!

    Ugh, I don't know why I care, I won't be going to the tour anyway.
  13. Is the photo taken from the routine for Gang Bang?
  14. Today's favourite line from a review: "a mix of Peaches and Martha And The Vandellas".

    God, I hope that's true.
  15. That photo is probably Gang Bang.

    But could be Revolver, hopefully it is American Life. Could even be Girl Gone Wild. Or Die Another Day or What It Feels Like For A Girl. Or it would be amazing if it was Theif Of Hearts.
  16. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I love NME.
  17. Oh Madonna.

    " Madonna quickly brushes off the accusations 'it's an anagram (acronym?) of my name' " (in The Sun)

    I'm Addicted lyrics
    But she's right: "If people don't like it, then that's really their problem."

    French interlude in 'I Fucked Up'? Je suis desolé but I want to hear it right now.
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