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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. IotV

    IotV Guest

    She's already stated it's a triple entendre (video > Sun interview); so presumably:

    drug reference,
    shortened name,
    m(y) DNA).
  2. I like how the consistent thing with all these reviews seems to be at least on the standard edition, that there is consensus on which tracks are the standouts and which tracks are lacking. You usually get one critic praising track 6 while another hates it. Also, the unanimous slagging off of Girl Gone Wild. Though I'm going to need some of these reviewers to stop trying to make Give Me All Your Luvin' happen.
  3. Oh please! All The Lovers is a hundred times more euphoric than Amazing. The guitar riffs are ace but the beat is such a blatant and inferior rip off of Beautiful Stranger.
  4. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Amazing is better than Beautiful Stranger. Period.
  5. I agree whole-heartedly with nevermind. I'm hoping 'I'm a Sinner' is similar.
  6. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Away to the dungeons with you.
  7. Album release here in germany: 23.03.12!

    A leak this weekend would be nice.
  8. Really? I thought it had a universal release date...
  9. Yes - Amazon and a few other reliable sources confirmed it.
  10. Wow they also brought up the Australian release to the 23rd! Proper excited now!!

    Also, the Australia Standard Physical Edition features all 15 tracks, and the Deluxe Edition has two unnamed bonus tracks, and a second disc?
  11. Wow.

    With the European releasedate moved up the album is coming out next friday....that's really soon.
  12. OMG!!!!!! I can't handle it!!!!!!
  13. I'm like 99% sure we'll have the album by this weekend. And that's too exciting/crazy! Super excited for our snippet today, too. Too bad I'll be in the middle of a final exam when it's released. *sulks*
  14. I have trouble taking a review that picks Give Me All Your Luvin' over Masterpiece seriously, but I'm too excited about yet another bout of enthusiasm for the album. I no longer doubt it'll be good - hell, it might even be amazing.
  15. They are so similair I often get confused with the lyrics. I think I like Amazing better though just because Austin Powers doesn't pop in my head while listening.
  16. Rmx


    Yeah Superstar is shit but that was predictable, all the reviews basically described it as Give Me All Your Luvin' part two. That's two songs I'll delete from the album, then!
  17. It´s so different than I imagined after reading the reviews. It is interesting only because of her daughter, right?
  18. The Hello beat AGAIN?

    It's okay, nothing special. Sounds like it would be better if Paris Hilton was singing it.
  19. I feel like this is Spanish Lesson part 2. Everyone will hate it but I'll secretly love it.
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