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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Those were fake.
  2. I think Mister_G is spot on. Vocally it's amazing I think better than the vocals on Substitute For Love. When she is properly singing she doesn't need all that production her tone and simple instruments can convey what she wants to say.
  3. Great voice, great lyrics, great melody.



    I've literally had zero interest in this project for the past month, I didn't know I would miss talking about her so much, let alone actually listening to her. I'm back on board, even if I'll have to punch my walls repeatedly till I get to this song (it's the last track on the album, no?). Granted, this is more the 'Madonna Streisand' of the late 90s than the vintage one I prefer, but that's still great and I'll take anything I can get.
  4. This sounds like a Joanna Newsom song (musically, NOT vocally), so of course it's great.

    I'm trying to imagine this on the same album as 'Gang Bang'... I loveee it.
  5. The album is going to be a cluster fuck thematically but damn, so far it has it's gems in it.
  6. I actually think it'll flow really well sequence-wise, though. It seems there was a lot of thought put into the track order.
  7. Still listening to the snippet. God, I might dislike Warners now, but they would have bitch slapped Madonna and made this the first single, no questions asked.

    Meanwhile, Interscope is putting all their money behind GMAYL and Girl Gone Wild...
  8. I was just listening today to What It Feels Like for a Girl, after all the recent talk on here about Music. Her voice was so lovely on the song and made me sad for that Madonna, and then I get this gem today and it's like a gift.
  9. Really? "Falling Free" is beautiful, but has no chance as a single.
  10. If one of these slower tracks becomes a single it would likely be Love Spent.
    And since Masterpiece is a radio single already, Falling Free is more unlikely to be relased. Except if it ends up as one of the most individually downloaded tracks on iTunes.. let's all download it seperately again and again!!
  11. It might. Madonna wanted "Ray of Light" as a lead single, Warners pushed for "Frozen" and it worked. Madonna wanted "Bedtime Story" as a lead single, Warners pushed for "Secret" and it worked.

    The safest option isn't always the best and Madonna doesn't always make the best decisions. She needs someone to tell her when she's wrong and Warners did that just fine (even though many of their own decisions along the line were terrible). I think when something is good, it will be successful, especially in Madonna's case - she's the biggest popstar on the planet!

    And it's not like Luvin was tearing up the charts...
  12. Dear Magoddessdonna, let it leak already. I want this album N-O-W.
  13. Am I right in saying the album is being premiered online a few days before physical release? I could have sworn I read that somewhere.
  14. Artists need to listen to others. Left to their own devices, having full autonomy, isn't always the best outcome.
  15. Oh I didn't know about this. Bedtime Story is one of my very absolute favourite Madonna songs now but wasn't at the start.I wonder if she would still be around if she had released that as the first single after you know, the "Erotica backlash". Secret is by the way my favourite M single.

    Even if Fallin Free would be a radio only single in winter that would still be more than nice (I have faith the entire track is very good).
  16. I'm not sure how many people will want to follow in the footsteps of the Spanish fan who leaked Give Me All Your Luvin' (in that his footsteps led to prison etc. etc.), but you never know with this kind of thing. Hard Candy leaked about a week before it was released, on a Sunday afternoon, just one track after the other. People were so optimistic about Give It 2 Me, God, it seems almost unreal - and slightly ridiculous - looking back at that now.

    (I do hope that this thread doesn't turn into a hysteric travesty with virtually nothing but "Has it leaked yet?"/"Why won't this leak?"/"Shouldn't this have leaked by now?"/"Someone leak this NOW!"/"I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE LET IT LEAK !" kind of posts between today and the 26th. Pretty annoying. It's not that hard to just wait for the official release date, like people actually used to do for decades.)
  17. No danger of that. First official release date is the 23rd!
  18. I was trying to remember why anyone in Monty Python would say this, and then I reread the post.

    Anyway, I hope I actually agree with the sentiment upon actually hearing the album.

  19. That's when the first countries (I think Germany, Australia, Ireland?) will officially get MDNA and no doubt it will hit the Internet then too. I'm waiting patiently fot a physica copy as the booklet must be totally worth it this time.

    And I also wonder why Popjustice gave Falling Free a Madonna Factor of 5 only by the way.
  20. love 'Falling Free'. as already said, there's something quite madrigal about it. dramatic yet intimate.

    the introspection, harmony and melody all remind me of some of ABBA's better moments.

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