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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Best Friend is meh. I wonder if it's about Gwyneth. Or Ingrid.

    (Ha! Ingrid wishes.)
  2. I keep reading this and laughing. How gloriously over the top!
  3. Im also anxious to hear the Orbit + Klas collaboration.
  4. It's not going to leak until the album is in the shop.

    She's on Interscope, so it's probably best to compare it to Born This Way when it comes to leakage.

    That one leaked a few days beforehand because someone was able to snatch up a copy in his local recordshop.
    Then he posted pictures of it on Twitter, people coerced him in leaking it and so he did.

    I expect something of the same sort to happen here.
    If one of the journo's would leak it, he already would have done it by now.
    (And they're not stupid enough to anyway.)
  5. Best Friend sounds a wee bit cheap! Not terrible, but def not album material.
  6. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Masterpice, Superstar or Love Spent?
  7. Ray


    Maybe simply Girl Gone Wild?
  8. It has to be Girl Gone Wild. I doubt even Kavinsky could improve that song.
  9. Really not sure about this 'Best Friend' clip... It sounds so cheap & demo-ish... I'm really interested to hear the full album now because some of these clips are honestly not presenting these songs in a great light...
  10. I can imagine some young French electro DJ not liking Masterpiece at all, so maybe that one.
    And I don't even want a "Masterpiece (It's Getting Hot In The Louvre Remix)".

    Love Spent could work as a single. But I'd love to hear Beautiful Killer on the radio too.It could be a half-hearted Miles Away type of single at the end of the campaign at least. Don't release Superstar and waste this brilliant bonus track.
  11. LJB


    It's fucking exciting that we're getting a 'proper' Madonna album.

    I've said before, I don't think Hard Candy is bad, but it wasn't proper Madonna. This is proper Madonna.
  12. It sounds like half a Madonna album to me. I still don't think the true Madonna would record some of the guff on MDNA.

    Definitely sounding better than Hard Candy overall though.
  13. I'm only excited for 3 songs so far: I'm Addicted, Love Spent and Gang Bang.

    All the rest sounds incredibly dire to me.
  14. LJB


    Really? It's exciting to me because on so many occasions I think 'this could fit on Music' or 'this could pass an an American Life B-side'.
  15. Those three are the ones Im excited to hear, and Superstar.. Been hammering the teaser clips!
  16. The old Madonna is dead by now. I mean, being possessed by rabbis on American Life, letting the production outshine her on Confessions and coming off as a Timbaland/Pharrell puppet on Hard Candy - where is the old Madonna in these? I'm not saying that the Madonna now is not the 'real' her, but she has changed a lot in the past decade.
  17. I downloaded Madonna's entire back catalogue today, it kinda made me sad that I wasn't even born when she was in her heyday, I get the feeling it would have been properly incredible to grow up anticipating Like A Prayer etc.
    having said that, I am extremely excited for MDNA. The clips so far have just about made up for Hard Candy, Gang Bang sounds fantastic.
  18. You say that like it's a good thing?
  19. Indeed. That was her true artistic zenith!
  20. Oh Christ, I was so excited in the run up to 'Like a prayer'. I was 18 then and it had been nearly 3 years since 'True blue' and 18 months since 'Who's that girl' and I was rabid for more Madonna music. It was also my first Madonna album and single on CD and that too was exciting. The whole Pepsi ad and video controvery made the hype incredible. and thank God the album lived up to the hype. This time around, I'm looking forward to it, but haven't even succumbed to listeing to many of the clips. I guess a lot of the magic has gone. But I will be excited by the tour.
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